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Dec. 1, 2021

Justine Anderson - Go for it

Justine Anderson - Go for it
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Justine Anderson says she is a folk herbalist, soap maker, artist, writer, flower sniffer, garden and cat care-taker, astrologer and tarot card reader.  She owns and operates Wildflower Co. Botanicals in rural Newfoundland in the scenic Codroy Valley, where she sells body care products and hosts workshops and retreats.

The story of how Justine wound up there, though, is fascinating. She left the food industry as a chef after suffering unbearable eczema on her hands. Following the wise advice of a colleague, she tried calendula and that launched her interest in flowers as healing.

Wildflower co. botanicals is a small-batch apothecary specializing in handmade cold-process soaps, hydrosols, 100% natural body care, soy candles, and handpicked organic & wild herbal teas.  Justine recently purchased a still, and while speaking with her, I could actually imagine her stirring it and preparing her creations.

When I asked Justine how she knew that her love of working with, and creating products from flowers, would actually sustain her as a business and frankly, make her some money, she said she just had an ‘inner knowing’ that she was to embrace her roll and accept that this was what she was supposed to be doing.

But there were pockets of doubt. As it is for so many of us, some of her hardest won battles were with her biggest critic, herself.

But she persevered!

What struck me about Justine was that she seemed to radiate positive energy and inclusiveness. I also loved that she believes that if our ancestors hadn’t used plants for healing, we couldn’t have survived.

All of Justine’s products are made with sustainability in mind, using plastic-free, re-usable & compostable packaging, where ever possible, and sourcing only high quality organic ingredients and ethically wildcrafted local botanicals.

Justine says her products are made with the intention to soothe body and spirit and help you feel more connected to body, spirit and the earth. She is a huge proponent of land stewardship and in that spirit, her business is currently operating from the whimsical Bert Bark Eco-Inn Headquarters.

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