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Feb. 9, 2022

Joella Hogan and Indira Moudi - Rooted in Values

Joella Hogan and Indira Moudi - Rooted in Values
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The 2nd annual StrikeUp Digital Conference for Women Entrepreneursis coming up next month. I’m joined by two of the many dynamic speakers that will be presenting at the event. Both of these women are in rural or remote Canada.

Joella Hogan is the sole proprietor of the Yukon Soap Company. The Indigenous owned and operated business, creates beautiful, hand-crafted soaps, shampoo bars, essential oil blends, and so much more.

Along with hand-crafting soaps, Joella has worked to make Yukon Soaps a community building, language learning, earth connecting, hub in the heart of the Yukon—the small town of Mayo.

Joella comes from a long line of strong, vibrant, Indigenous women. Her matriarchs are teachers, healers, bush women, social advocates, and cultural leaders. They taught her how to make things happen. 

She is also a professional heritage worker, who continues to bring Northern Tutchone culture and heritage to the forefront of life in the central Yukon. As an active advocate for her First Nation and a dedicated community builder, she stays busy with yoga, advocacy work, and kick sledding around beautiful Mayo, Yukon.
Indira Moudi is the CEO of Viandes Lafrance. She acquired the business in 2002 and today it is the largest meat producer of sheep and cattle in Quebec.

She is an innovative business visionary, having held leadership roles in several multinational corporations, working for 20 years in the energy sector and now 10 years in the food sector.

Indira became a chemical engineer through the Polytechnique of Montreal and she attended the Harvard Business School in both 2008 and 2020, as a certified Global Leader.

Indira has lived through and been challenged by the last three recessions of 2008, 2014 and 2020.

As business leader, her dream is to see “the end of hunger” within her generation. She is working closely with all stakeholders in the food supply chain to study the benefits of Degrowth and Short Food Supply Chain (SFSCs) processes using her own company as a case study and role model.
She also has a unique and diverse background that brings different perspectives and solutions to the table: She is a Black woman, her mother from Guyana (with Indian roots) and her  father from the Republic of Niger. She is married to a French national from Vietnamese origin who is also a Canadian resident;

Indira has been raised and educated in five religions, speaks five languages, and worked on 4 continents, with an extensive business network in and outside Canada.

She says being a mother of young children has given her a new urgency and empathy to leave our world a better place.

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