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Feb. 1, 2023

How Freebruary Helps Canada's Producers - Andrew Kinear and Stella Sehn

How Freebruary Helps Canada's Producers - Andrew Kinear and Stella Sehn

How Freebruary Helps Canadian Producers

Last week, my good friend Stella Sehn, a family farm honey producer in the Prairies told me about Freebruary. She started to explain and then she said she’d just send me this one minute video and it would explain everything. 

Basically, it’s a low investment campaign for producers who may want to expand their reach and grow their customer base, without spending a fortune on a digital advertising campaign or hiring staff to do those campaigns for them. 

Stella was thrilled to be participating in this annual campaign and immediately saw the value in it for her as a producer, extending her reach through a Canadian national campaign collaborating with other Canadian producers to grow each others’ brands.

So I reached out to Andrew Kinnear the mastermind behind Freebruary to find out about it.

Andrew’s family business Yellofruit is a vegan ice cream manufacturing company launched in 2019 and he also consults with many brands and agencies in the field of marketing, digital, technology and other areas.  His career spans startups and big brands in numerous industries. 

Freebruary website

Freebruary YouTube

Freebruary Instagram

Stella Sehn is the co-founder and innovator behind Sweet Pure Honey. Stella and her husband run their bee hives out of Porcupine Plain, SK all while managing her online small business out of Medicine Hat, AB.

She is passionate and dedicated to ensuring all farmers are paid fair value for their crops.

After years of pandemic instability and a spring season described as one of the worst on record, Stella remains focused on recovery for their family, hives and honey business.

No stranger to adversity, the mother of 3 has shifted focus on working to support and amplify Indigenous entrepreneurs through experience and resource sharing. Stella believes that It is important to not only rebuild her own business but also to honour the TRC Business Calls To Action in the process.

Community and collaboration come naturally to the honey lady, and help keep her focused on connection and providing pure products for consumers.

Sweet Pure Honey website

Sweet Pure Honey Instagram