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May 11, 2022

Heather Travis - Ask Dirty Questions

Heather Travis - Ask Dirty Questions
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Bruce County, Ontario based artist Heather Lynne Travis is known for her bold use of colour in her large scale, and often whimsical, abstracts. A lifelong artist selling mainly to family and friends, Heather has been exhibiting professionally (and selling art to strangers) since 2018 and in that short time has sold almost 100 works of art, as well as limited edition prints, now living in homes all over North America (and even one in the UK!). 

Heather's work has been featured at the TOM Thomson Art Gallery, LOFT Gallery, and others. Heather will be having her first solo exhibition in the Fall of 2023. Her creative energy is chanelled into not only her paintings, but also a fun & vibrant fabric line, and her popular weekly Instagram LIVE called #shARTwithHeather: Shitty Art Class for Adults etc. hosted every Saturday since January 2021 where Heather inspires others to throw some colour around and connect with their inner child through art. 

Heather is also a regular guest host of the popular arts podcast, And She Looked Up Creative Hour.


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