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Dec. 22, 2021

Heather Taylor - Rural and Ready

Heather Taylor - Rural and Ready
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Heather Taylor is a fourth-year student at the University of Ottawa with a Major in Honour's English and a Minor in Public Administration. 

She is a Co-Founder of Rural and Ready, alongside her two other Co-Founders, Kayla Han and Ava Kucera. Heather is the Chief Marketing Officer. 

They started Rural and Ready because of their own struggle as rural high school students, and later as post secondary students, to find work experiences in rural settings, specifically related to their interests. They found that often in rural schools, clubs and even co-op experiences were limited and therefore the opportunities to explore their interests before making a decision about a post secondary focus, were also limited.

The group has received grant funding and gets guidance from their board of directors. They have been giving talks about their mission and the importance of diverse choices in rural schools.

They call it the Rural vs. Urban Educational Achievement Gap and are focused on a Growth Mindset.

And they are working on career testimonials so students can see folks working in the careers they aim to be working in one day.





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