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Dec. 8, 2021

Heather Hallgrimson - What is a co-op?

Heather Hallgrimson - What is a co-op?
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Heather Hallgrimson is the Business Development Lead for Co-operatives First, a nonprofit organization that supports groups in creating co-operative businesses in rural and First Nations communities in Western Canada. 

Her passion is helping groups find what success looks like for themselves as they start co-operative business ventures. Heather's educational background includes a BA in Linguistics and a Masters in Public Administration both of which she pursued because of her love of learning and to understand how things work. 

Heather grew up in a number of small communities in Saskatchewan and spent most of her youth riding horses, participating in the 4H club and competing in local fairs. Her favourite place in the world to be at one of the thousands of lakes in Saskatchewan hiking, boating, fishing or kayaking. 

I met Heather at a virtual networking event BEFORE the pandemic. She was invited up on to the virtual stage to talk about her experience working with rural communities, educating and assisting folks with starting co-operatives. 

After that networking event, I was still a bit confused about what co-operatives ARE and how they actually work. And I wasn’t really clear on the benefits of co-ops, especially how they relate to rural communities and rural entrepreneurs.

Heather’s spunkiness, wicked sense of humour and willingness to be vulnerable and upfront drew me to her, and I can tell you, a conversation with her is unforgettable.

This one doesn’t disappoint.

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