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March 8, 2023

Gitanjali Aggarwal - PARO - Meeting Rural Women Where They Are

Gitanjali Aggarwal - PARO - Meeting Rural Women Where They Are
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Gitanjali Aggarwal - Meeting Rural Women Where They Are

ThePARO Centre for Women’s Enterpriseis an organization that supports women entrepreneurs across Ontario. The organization’s approach to supporting women is unique in that it meets women where they are. Whether it’s your geographic area, or where you are on your business journey, PARO’s programs and services are designed to support women wherever they are

This episode focuses on some of the unique programsPAROoffers, like Lending Circles but it’s also about one of the organization’s business counsellors, Gitanjali Aggarwal, and her own personal entrepreneurial journey in rural Ontario.

Gitanjali [git-tan-ja-lee] is a name that comes from the Sanskrit language and means collection of lyrics. As the famous line goes, what's in a name? For Gitanjali, her journey has reflected her name. The self proclaimed Dream Chaser has collected various experiences from the financial industry, to restaurant prenuer, to mother of 2, and now business counselor, she continues her journey as she collects experiences, and shares a few words along the way.

You won't want to miss her exceptional journey and her inspiring outlook!