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July 27, 2022

Cindy Crowe - Walking with Grey Wolf

Cindy Crowe - Walking with Grey Wolf
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Cindy Crowe, Elder, Lodgekeeper, Author, is a band member of the Opwaaganisiniing (Red Rock Indian Band) located an hour east of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Since 1994, Cindy has been bridging gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities. Cindy’s life purpose is to share a message of love and interconnectedness and she creates space for change in many different venues with people from all walks of life. She believes in leading by example. Personally, she is the grateful mom of five adult children and three grandchildren.

Since 2004, Cindy’s business, Cindy Crowe Consulting has represented an award winning Anishnaabe consulting firm with her expertise in community liaison, community engagement and community development.

Since 2005, Cindy has been the Executive Director for the Traditional Teaching Lodge operating as the Blue Sky Community Healing Centre that is an Indigenous, community-led organization based in Neebing, Ontario. Cindy respectfully acknowledges that sacred space as being within the traditional territory of the Fort William First Nation and loves to welcome people to the land of her ancestors next to the shores of Lake Superior.

Cindy’s seasonal tourism business Niibing Tribal Tours (Niibing is in the summer in Ojibwe) provides opportunities for her visitors to reconnect with Mother Earth while participating in the Anishnaabe culture through land based experiential learning. 

Cindy’s Identity and Purpose Coaching business is for clients looking to reclaim their roots, understand themselves better and identify their life purpose. Part of this coaching is delivered through Animal Spirit Guide workshops to better understand messaging from their guides.

Cindy is the author of Walking with Grey Wolf which honours her first vision and the Spiritual journey she has been on since then. She is currently writing her second book entitled All My Relations. 

This episode is longer than usual but it was difficult to cut any more from our fascinating conversation.


We are the Walking Trees: Women's SpiritualNature Retreat - Neebing, Ontario
​September 16 to 18, 2022

  • Bring your own tent/camper for 'Glamping'
  • Wash/swim in Lake Superior
  • Catered nourishing meals 
  • First 15 women will be accepted

Send your inquiries or to register at crowe@tbaytel.net

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