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March 2, 2022

Cheryl Haskett - Get a Mentor

Cheryl Haskett - Get a Mentor
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Cheryl Haskett has had a diverse career with a start in tourism, then supporting a family run construction company.  After her divorce she diverged completely into a career spanning 14 years in training and development in multiple roles including sales, service, strategy, instructional design & facilitation. 

Cheryl facilitates learning in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Innovation, Conversation, Engagement and Leadership from staff level all the way to the C-Suite in large and small corporations. Although she still does this work part time, Cheryl left her career to bring to life a dream of her farming husband's - bringing a product to market. 

In 2019 they launched Udderly Ridiculous Goat's Milk Ice Cream into the market, going on to win awards and accolades for the product including a win at The Grand Prix of New Products in Canada. 

The product has been featured in LCBO's Food and Drink magazine and as a featured dessert at the Culinary Showdown requested by Celebrity Chefs. Like many other businesses, COVID had an impact on the business with the inability to sample, do events to promote and educate and without the ability to go-direct to consumer at scale. 

So, in 2021 they decided to launch Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life and bring homebound weary Ontarians safe experiences at the Farm that brought them closer to nature, and allowed dialogue about agriculture and food supply. Cheryl drew on her instructional design & facilitation skills, background in tourism and customer service and in a short period of time launched 8 experiences, including an immersive "Taste of Farm Life" that has been awarded Signature Experience designation by Southwest Ontario Tourism. 

Cheryl's desire to collaborate locally not only with her ice cream creations, but also supporting other producers hit by the pandemic had her create an on-farm store and a specialty experience highlighting over 50 other producers. 

In 2021 Cheryl was awarded entrepreneur of the year by Rural Oxford/Oxford Community Futures and has recently been nominated and as a finalist for Tourism Innovator of the Year through Southwest Ontario Tourism (winner to be announced March 2022). 

She says it's been an Udderly Ridiculous adventure so far!

Video from Rural Oxford

Udderly Ridiculous Socials

Udderly Ridiculous Ice Cream
Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life

Udderly Ridiculous
Udderly Ridiculous Farm

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