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Nov. 30, 2022

BC Rural Health Network - Paul Adams

BC Rural Health Network - Paul Adams
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One of the fundamental challenges in rural Canadian communities is health care. Folks in rural and remote communities are not the same as our urban counterparts and therefore our health care needs to be different.

And there are so many aspects to that. Over the next few episodes, I’ll cover a number of elements relating to rural health. 

The first one is how to include residents in solutions-based health care.

TheBC Rural Health Networkis the healthcare voice of the rural residents of British Columbia and seeks better health outcomes for all people, through solutions-based approaches with governments, and information provision to residents.

Paul Adams leads operations and administration at theBC Rural Health Network. He comes from a background in executive management both in non-profit organizations and in industry. His past work has included working as the Executive Director of the largest conservation group in BC and as a leader both provincially and nationally in the clean renewable energy sector. Paul’s involvement in health and healthcare started many years earlier when he managed his father’s rural medical office. His work as an executive involved commuting from his home in the Upper Similkameen region of BC to large urban centres and after 2 decades he decided to return to work in his home community and started a farm with his wife growing organic food for local residents. An injury in the summer of 2021 prevented Paul from continuing this journey (for now) and the opportunity to return to his roots in rural health emerged simultaneously. Paul has enjoyed representing the interests of all rural residents in BC regarding their health and wellness. Paul is a husband, a father and a grandfather and believes that protecting healthcare resources and enhancing them for future generations is critical to us all.

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Email: info@bcruralhealth.org