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Feb. 16, 2022

Alison Kirkland - Data is Critical

Alison Kirkland - Data is Critical
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I have often found it challenging to find statistics, not just about rural women entrepreneurs but also the intersection of further marginalized groups.

The Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada or WEOC, is spearheading a comprehensive Canadian survey, collecting information specifically about women entrepreneurs.

The survey is looking to collect individual details about access to capital, financial literacy and a host of many other challenges that women specifically face when it comes to entrepreneurship. WEOC is looking to hear from a wide range of women across Canada, especially those in rural or remote spaces.

To find out about WEOC and about the survey, I spoke with Alison Kirkland, the agency’s CEO.

Alison was named the inaugural CEO of WEOC in September 2019. Since then, she has grown the organization from a Board-run initiative to an integral resource for women’s entrepreneurial support organizations across Canada. 

With strong and long-lasting connections within government and industry, Alison leads from experience, with 20-plus years in communications management and a decade as a certified small business counsellor.  

She has led the creation of comprehensive training programs and the development of innovative funding initiatives and has had the opportunity to share her knowledge and experiences with women entrepreneurs and organizations in Ukraine and Vietnam. 

Alison is actively involved with the Canada 51 venture capital initiative, Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce, COVID Communications Roundtable and Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.


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