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Clearing a New Path

Clearing a New Path

Clearing a New Path podcast is an invitation to listen to, and learn from the stories of underrepresented women entrepreneurs in rural Canada and the organizations and services that support them. Each episode, guests speak authentic truth, because it's the truth that connects us. And each one inspires us to take up space, within our own communities, and within the business world and they remind us that each path can be messy and unique.Produced by Radar Media. Art and music branding by ImaginaDev Studios. Contact us at: info@clearinganewpathpodcast.com

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Emily McIntosh - Bill 5 - Women of Ontario Say No

March 22, 2023

Emily McIntosh - Bill 5 - Women of Ontario Say No I first heard about the Women of Ontario Say No campaign on Instagram . One of the campaign’s posts was shared by a number of female municipal council members that I follow.…

Rural Women Councillors - 100 Days in Office

March 14, 2023

Rural Women Councillors in Ontario - 100 Days in Office This episode is a conversation with four first-time rural women councilors, all serving in small communities across Ontario. They talk about what their experience has b…

Gitanjali Aggarwal - PARO - Meeting Rural Women Where They Are

March 8, 2023

Gitanjali Aggarwal - Meeting Rural Women Where They Are The PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise is an organization that supports women entrepreneurs across Ontario. The organization’s approach to supporting women is unique in…

Jean Bota - Community Crime Prevention in Rural Canada

March 1, 2023

Jean Bota - ‘Building Capacity in Rural Crime Prevention Project In our last episode , we talked about just one element of crime in rural Canada, intimate partner violence, with Pamela Cross of Luke’s Place . She mentioned t…

Pamela Cross - Luke's Place - A Rural Inquest

Feb. 22, 2023

Pamela Cross - Luke’s Place - A Rural Inquest Pamela Cross is a feminist lawyer ; a well respected expert on violence against women and the law. She is revered for her work as a researcher, writer, educator and trainer. She …

Michelle Friesen - Municipal Government and Reconciliation

Feb. 15, 2023

Councillor Michelle Friesen - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Michelle Friesen caught my eye, initially, with a post on Instagram. She was addressing her city’s council, as a sitting councillor herself, about the discovery of ch…