Feb. 10, 2023

CD90: Spiral Initiatives with Steve Lee

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TOPICS: spiral year in review, funding open source projects, building secure mobile wallets, design improvements, reducing friction, lightning improvements, bolt12

Bitcoin Product Community Discord: https://discord.gg/MrFDP4Hu

I. Approaches to Open Source Funding [7:53]
II. Stratum v2 [23:59]
III. Fedimint [40:03]
IV. WalletScrutiny [47:12]
V. Separating the Core Out of Bitcoin Core [59:19]
VI. LDK/LDK Node [1:02:43]
VII. Rapid Gossip Sync [1:10:28]
VIII. VLS [1:28:18]
IX. Unified QR Codes/BIP21 [1:35:45]
X. Preparing Lightning For Mainstream Adoption [1:40:36]
XI. BOLT12 [1:47:22]

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