June 22, 2023

CD105: Bitcoin Park Party Rip with Josh, Kim, Shawn, and Randy

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(00:08:05) Bitcoin Park and Lightning Summit

(00:19:54) BlackRock ETF and the Bull Market

(00:33:00) Bitcoin Art and Art Galleries

(00:37:42) Zap payments and Nostr

(00:38:59) Number of domains owned and the power of reputation

(00:39:43) Bullish on nostr and bitcoin

(01:17:14) Bitcoin utility and building

(01:18:08) BlackRock's impact on bitcoin funding

(01:19:21) The importance of censorship resistance and number go up


08:05 - Bitcoin Park and Lightning Summit

19:54 - BlackRock ETF and the Bull Market

33:00 - Bitcoin Art and Art Galleries

37:42 - Zap payments and Nostr

38:59 - Number of domains owned and the power of reputation

39:43 - Bullish on nostr and bitcoin

01:17:14 - Bitcoin utility and building

01:18:08 - BlackRock's impact on bitcoin funding

01:19:21 - The importance of censorship resistance and number go up


Happy Bitcoin Wednesday, freaks.

It's your host, Odell, here for another Citadel dispatch.

Today is June 21st.

The block height is

I'm waiting for the thing to scroll. The block height is 795346.

Our last pod

was about 3,000 blocks ago. Our last dispatch was 3,000 blocks ago, about 20 days ago.

I missed you, freaks.

We've been building a lot over here in Nashville, and I I don't like to waste people's time. So,

unless we have something interesting to talk about, I don't really like doing dispatch.

And, yeah, there was a lot of focus other places, but I'm glad to be back. I there was a new freak that asked me he was looking for the dispatch schedule. He's finally getting into dispatch, and he said

he said, Odell, where's the schedule? And I said, there is no schedule. When I feel like it, we go live.

So, hopefully, he's watching

because I did not tell him when we're gonna go live. But, anyway, with all that said,

happy Bitcoin Wednesday. This is still dispatch, the show focused on actual Bitcoin and Freedom Tech discussion.

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So 6 ones in a row. Odell provides the clearest signal in the space. Why is beyond his

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We have at come rocket

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I would like the freaks to know that I have

fully reworked my streaming Sats node,

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and I have plenty of liquidity there now. So took advantage of our long holiday weekend,

and mempools being slightly less busy because they're never gonna clear again, but they were slightly less busy to do some channel management. I also took advantage of the fact that most Nostra users use Wallet as a Toshiba wallet, so I opened a big fat channel to them. And every time I zap a custodial user, I get an equivalent

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And then we have Cum Rocket again saying with 69,420

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Okay. Thank you for sticking with me there. I have a wonderful group of guests today,

all Bitcoin Park members.

We're recording here from the studio at Bitcoin Park in Nashville.

Walked in this morning, was feeling quite bullish.

Price was pumping. I I was, like, let's rip a dispatch, and,

this fine group of people came and joined us. We have we have Josh here who runs operations at Bitcoin Park. How's it going, Josh? Good, brother. Amongst friends, on dispatch, things could be much worse. 1st podcast appearance. Right? 1st.


Love it. Although, 2 mentions of cum rockets or something like that already is gonna be an interesting conversation with my family as they're watching this.


I love it. Hello, Josh's family.

We appreciate

we appreciate Josh. He's a he he's he without him, the park would not be possible. So thank thank you for helping make him possible so he can help make the park possible.

We have, Sean Yeager here who was

member number 2 at the park, I think, or something like that. Did not know that until now. What member number did you think you were? Somewhere in the top 5 or first five, rather. Okay. Okay. So he was member number 6 at Bitcoin Park.


How's it going, Sean? Very well. Glad to be here. Thanks for having me. Adviser of many Bitcoin companies. I I have a have the great pleasure to do that. And I first met Sean when we were just starting, the Nashville meetup, and we were still at Jackalope Brewery before we had,

the park.

We have Randy here. He goes by Island on Twitter and Noster. He's our resident,

Noster influencer.

How's it going, Randy?


Doing alright.

Maybe I had an hour and a half notice before this was happening. So,

yeah, we'll see how this goes. But,


thank you for having me. It's going great. That's a feature, not a bug, the hour and a half notice.

Especially if if we're entering this next bull market, we've never had a bull market at the park. Like, they're just gonna I'm just gonna walk in, be extremely bullish or bearish, and just and just rope you guys in for dispatches. I mean, in my opinion, like,


this Bitcoin or nothing. So I mean, I don't even look at bull markets, bear markets. It's just


stay humble, Stack Sats. Great advice. I love it.

And then we have Kim in the far side over there.

Kim is

an amazing member at the park.

Her and her husband came here,

like, week 2 of Bitcoin Park Yeah. And then moved their family over here. Yes. Kim is also part of the amazing team that makes Voltage happen.

So thank you for hosting a bunch of my nodes.

Oh, it's an honor and a privilege to host the node here at Bitcoin Park. And, welcome to the show. I think this is your first dispatch. My first dispatch. First of many. First of many. Absolutely.

So what are we gonna talk about?

There's plenty of things to talk about.

I think the first thing we should talk about is,

let's let's talk about the park a little bit.

You know, are you are you guys are you guys happy to be a part of the park?

Are you I'm actually planning to cancel my membership next week. So, and and do you wanna go into why? No. No. No. No. It's amazing. I,


I was at

another large national,

rather not another, but at a large national co working

company prior. And,

when the park opened last summer,

I forget how I should know this. I forget how I got connected to either you or Rod about the fact that it was opening.

And as we mentioned, came over very early, and

it's been tremendous. It's a gorgeous space, you know, kudos on

scooping up a couple of beautiful buildings in one of the most pristine,

walkable areas in Nashville.

And, so it's ready made for the purpose of co working and events and art and everything else that we do here.

And lo and behold, it has become an absolute, you know, open intended. It's become a lightning rod for Bitcoiners. It's just amazing to see. So You intended the pun. Right? Well, maybe. Maybe.


Yeah. I mean, on that note, we're gonna be hosting the lightning summit here,

next month.

If you're interested in joining, there are a few tickets to left, bitcoinpark.com/lightning


Kim, we're we're lucky enough to have Voltage be a

keystone supporter of the summit. You guys are are what made it possible. Do you wanna talk about it a little bit? Or Yeah. Absolutely.


We are stoked

to be the Keystone sponsor.

One, it's gonna be

this is the only American lightning summit, yes, or lightning conference.


Should we change the name to the first American lightning summit? Yes. Absolutely.


So it's super exciting to be this side of the pond where the people can come and join us and just be at the park.

But, yeah, we are super excited to

have a keystone speaking spot.

There is a fun exciting new article that may be dropping soon from Graham Kriesic,

just talking about, you know, lightning in the future of business and

how it's gonna control our world. So, we're excited to kinda tease that out a little bit,

at the summit.

Cool swag because we're always doing cool swag.


Yeah. We have, Philip Rizzo, brother of famed hacked Bitcoin influencer, Peter Rizzo, in the chat saying, Pete had his voltage slides with him this weekend. Oh,

I mean, it's summer. You don't have your voltage slides, didn't you? That was a that was a good swag piece. There's a lot of garbage Bitcoin swag out there, so it's good to have


quality swag. All props go to Bobby for that one. Our VP of marketing


dude's on fire with it. The comments too.

Kim can't see the comments, so she doesn't know that she's


playing playing the comment game over here. I don't know. I'm playing I'm just

giving all the, you know,

where the where it's due, whatever that word is. I'm also pregnant, so I don't know words.


You're pregnant.


Yes. Pregnant.


Lot of new Bitcoin children. Love to see it.

What else?

Very excited about the Lightning Summit. One thing that I think is interesting about how we do summits here is,

we see

I think all of us have been to a lot of conferences.

Maybe not Randy. Randy, have do you have you go to a lot of Bitcoin conferences? Well, I mean, since joining,


Bitcoin Park,

I wrote this down because there's been so many since February of this year.


Closer to the mic. Yeah. So,


let's just say,

joined the park in February, went to Nas Rica,

had a hell of a time. Thank you, Mads, for giving me an invite. I I don't have a ticket.

April, went to Mexico.

Thanks to Amanda and Jimmy down there.

May was the Bitcoin conference. Thank you, CK. I appreciate what

you did. Then Prague, rock star. Thanks for the phone call to get me to go. I ended up going, and then July,

I'll be here for the lightning summit. It's gonna be probably one of my most exciting,

events that I'm gonna be involved in, and,

I'm just excited.

That's all I can say. The man is omnipresent. So I guess he has been to some Bitcoin conferences. Just a few. Just a couple.


A whirlwind

Bitcoin experience for Randy over the last 6 months. So, I mean, at these conferences, there's a lot of different tiers of tickets. There's a lot of different things going on. There's side events. There's people doing all these different things.

And at the summit

at our summits and at Bitcoin Park, it's it's very important to us that everyone's

there's just one class of people. Everyone's a VIP when they come to the park.

And I think the summits are very good example of that. You know, they include food.

We all have lunch together. We all have dinner together. It's not a bunch of different people running to different side events.

It's a very intimate group. You know, it's gonna be 200 people.

We don't

yeah. We we we don't, like, max out the space in the park, so everyone's very comfortable.

And as a result, that's one of the reasons we call it a summit because I don't really I don't necessarily compare it to conferences even though that's exactly what I just did.

I think it's kind of apple and oranges. Like, if we if we have hybrid Bitcoinization, there's gonna be

definitely gonna be a place for these massive, you know, 20,000 person conferences or even the more humble 7,000 person conferences, but,

I think there's even more importance

on on on smaller gatherings, smaller intimate gatherings, and and just in general, strong communities, strong local communities around the world.

You know, not just Bitcoin Park. We we want them to spring up everywhere. Right? Yeah. 100%.


You know, when we get these tours throughout here, people come from we had a gentleman come from,

Atlanta yesterday,

and, we get people from San Francisco all over the country. They're just driving through Washington. Dude came from Washington, the other day, and they just wanna come see the park. Right? Because they've heard about it. They witnessed the stuff. And, really, at the end of the day,

we have these beautiful buildings. Right? I say this on tours all the time. We have these gorgeous buildings, and, a lot of that is is,

know, kudos to you and and Rod for seeing the vision there and making that happen. But it helps that we're not meeting in a shed. But the whole thing here is, like, like, the community that you mentioned is the cornerstone, and that's really the thing that gets me fired up at the end of the day. So I'm pro shed for what it is. You're pro shed. Well, you know,


that's very humble of you.


The shed is the shed is fine. So you're building Stack More Sats. Yes. Exactly. I I one concern I do have is that I want I want I want community organizers. I was just talking to the guys in Tampa Bay,

Bay Bay Area Bitcoiners,

And they said they were inspired by the park, and they wanna start something similar

back home. And and they said, like, well, what is, like, one piece of advice?

And I said, you know, it's very expensive.

And and where am I going with this? I'm going with this as, like, my biggest concern is I want the park to be an inspiration to everybody, and I think our members make it that way. It's it's it really lives and dies by the members.

But I'm also

a little bit concerned that people come here, and then they bite off more than they can chew back home.

Like, a warehouse works. You can, you know, get a nice warehouse space or something like as long as it's it's it's a dedicated space that you control,

I think is is is the key aspect there. Don't

budget in, like, 30% more expensive than you think it's gonna be ahead of time.

For doorknobs.

For doorknob. Yeah. We get I got I got ragged on Twitter the other day because we finally, after 6 months, replaced our studio doorknob,

and then they called me short Bitcoin.

And I was like, you should just see how expensive Bitcoin Park has been. I mean, the doorknob is fucking negligible. And we got it for a 4th of the price. That's a great that was a great door install.

It's functional. Also, people were saying it's it's, like, not really secure. Like, that's not a security door. That's just to hold the so you can open and close the doors. Yeah. They never the people who think you're short, they've never tried opening that door with a screwdriver or a


piece of metal just stuck in there. Like, that's a cement door. It's a recording studio. Yeah. I was I was a fireman 15 years, and, you pretty much need a halligan bar to break into that thing, without any kinda, like, leverage. So it's glad to have it fixed, and we did it economically. So we were responsible at the thing and yeah. I mean, so, Josh, like, you,


you're fireman for 15 years.

You and Kim


came to the park. I think it was, like, week 2 or something. It was very early on. At least in my in my story, it's week 2, and also he's member number 2. But,

It was last July. I like the number 2. Yeah. Last July. It's been about a year that the park has been open, so maybe maybe it was, like, month 1. Anyway,

you guys came to the park. You're blown away, and you moved here.

And then you started running day to day operations.

What has that experience been like for you? Like, is


Yeah. I mean, honestly,

this role,

I gotta thank thank Rod first, of course, because Rod took a flyer on me,

and I won't ever forget that. And just like you say, when we moved here, you won't forget that.

So just a lot of gratitude

flowing around here, but, yeah, just kind of

came out here. I wanna say thanks to, like, weird robot who actually,

probably tuning in here, who was part of a catalyst to that whole event. He had said, hey. Who wants to go check out Bitcoin Park? There's this new thing. Let's go check it out. And Kim and I were like, let's let's go let's go jump on this and came out. People were,

you know, in the VIP coding around and doing all the things. I don't know how to do them. Like, I don't know how to do any of this stuff.

Can I take that cooler downstairs? Are you gonna take the trash out or whatever? And I think

just just being around and available, I think that got Rod's attention. And,

got a call a couple weeks later and said, hey. Why don't you come check out the Vybe and come to 2 week working period? You were on board right away as well, so you're very championing of me. Well, you changed your Twitter handle to something that I really enjoyed. Yeah. Well, we were in the cafe, and I had like a jc1596,

whatever. Just a rando thing that it assigned to you. Because that's the problem. And Odell's like, this is a, terrible.

So then I changed it to Adele Adele O'Dell approved,

without his consent, but,

he's cool about it. And

I make sure to not to make too many unsavory posts from that account Anymore. As a reflection of Odell. But,


dude, make you know? I co host I co host with Marty Bent. You can make as many plays as you want. Actually, I don't even use that anymore. Yeah. Now you have your professional Josh Bitcoin Park. Super original.




Awesome. Okay. Well, enough with that, Bitcoin Park. Come visit us. Consider moving to Nashville. You can visit 1st. Come join the Lightning Summit.

Depending on when you listen to this, it might be sold out.

But there's bitcoinpark.com/lightning23.


yeah, ultimately, we would love to have you move to Nashville.

And then as this bull market rages on,

I can walk into

Bitcoin Park and drag you into a show,

which would be a pleasure.

But let's talk about I'm curious on your guys' opinions on this whole

this whole ordeal with with BlackRock. And, I mean, I think that's what the freaks wanna hear.

You know, Bitcoin is

was pumping before we

went live. I believe it's over $30,000,

which is all time high for the year.

Do we still remember 30 k? Is this is this new for us? How do how do we feel about the BlackRock ETF news?

Is the bear market over?

Does it really matter?

Randy, start us off.


Alright. Well,


pretty much a full d gen when it comes to, Bitcoin. So



I started getting calls this morning on my way to Bitcoin Park about the price,

and it's funny. As soon as it starts pumping, everybody's interested.

Soon as it starts going down, everybody's not interested.

So it's like,

you know, there's some people that just kinda, like, ride the wave, and they're just kinda

wanna get involved

when things are happening. But, like,

I've been, in Bitcoin for about 10 years now since about April



it took me

4 years to realize what Bitcoin is. It's not something that someone just

picks up right away. Obviously, everyone

that has a brain is concerned, and they're like, well, this could be weird. This could be a scam.

It took me 4 years, and,

I'd say

the Kaiser report

is what put me over the edge in 2013.


with with



Stacy? Stacy. Yes. Stacy.

They were ex they're very eccentric.

It was amazing.


Understatement of the century.


Yeah. That's a definitely understatement. But I was a gold bug at the time, and

it just kinda, like, put me in perspective, like, alright. Am I gonna carry around a bag of gold?

Like, what's the reality of this? Like, what if something happens and

I need to move? And

it kinda, like, made me read the white paper, which I didn't do in 2009

even through

the Hacker News.

Now it's Stacker News, the better they're better place to be. But,


I kinda

humbled myself and and realized, like, yeah, I was an idiot for ignoring this. There was, like, 10 people who read the white paper in 2009, just FYI. Yeah. Yep. And I'm probably one of those people, and I thought it was gonna be a big honeypot.


I'm an idiot for that, but, hey, I think we all have our stories about how, like, we just kinda, like, ignored it at first,

and then you pay attention, and then you're like, okay.

Like, this is it.




I rolled an IRA into GBTC.

Got put my hand fully on the stove.

Should've said my hand is currently stuck to that stove You're still on the stove? The foreseeable future. So for me, personally, it's an absolute no. Although Wow. You're just, like, burning. The hands just still smell the I could smell it over here. Yeah. So,


should've stayed humble.

I should have. 100%. 100%. And so it's a no for me, I think So now you're just holding the bag. You don't know what to do? You know? So when the BlackRock ETF comes out I'll just because they're it's gonna get approved. Yeah. No. I had It's Can you just flip it? You're gonna take the loss. Right? You have to. Probably.



So, yeah, expensive lesson. I mean, I think Barry rugged you, man. Yeah. Thanks, Barry. Appreciate that, buddy.

Although, I don't know, David Bailey and crew are working on,

you know, doing what they're doing. Pure Hopium. Pure I mean, but, you know, gotta hold on a little bit. I think Barry's institutional. Right? We'll see what happens. Is,

I am no expert, but the regulatory environment is such that a lot of institutions can't touch Bitcoin. And so I will say BlackRock can go fuck themselves.



it will be kind of funny if they get the ETF while Barry's sitting there with just, like, lawsuits on his hands. Like, that would just be hilarious.

Bittersweet something. Yeah.

Before we continue with the BlackRock news,

we have legendary Noster

builder, Pablo,

7 z in the comments.

And he's asking why did we put

Noster November,

Nostril so close to Nostrasia.

We do have, Randy here who is helping us

organize Nostril since, like I said, he is one of the leading Nostril influencers.

He he really hates me calling him an influencer, so I'm just roasting him on air,

but you are one.

First off,

when we originally announced Nostril,

obviously, there's a nice alliteration

of Nastr November and ends.


had just been announced,

and we wanted to space it out,

first of all, with Nostrika. We don't wanna, like, step all over Nostrika.

And then second of all, I believe

I'm extremely bullish on Noster, and I thought it was a nice signaling mechanism

to announce

a summit for a very new protocol

almost a year ahead of time Sure. Because I just thought it was a nice flex. I thought it was a cool flex.

And then Nostrasia was announced after that. But I I I think look. Let a 1,000 flowers bloom in terms of noster events,

And I do not think there's that much overlap in people that are traveling to Tokyo versus people that wanna come to

our our our humble Nashville event.


Nashville's clearly the better choice.


Not a competition, but you heard it from Sean first, member number 2.

Randy, you wanna talk about Nasterville at all?


So, yeah, Nasterville is gonna be great for people who can't make it to Nastorasia.

Nastorasia is gonna be

across the globe for people in the United States, and I think that people who can't afford the tickets

to actually fly there.

And for one hand, I I just wanna point out that I flew to Prague.

It was very expensive.

So, yeah, going to It's a little bit closer than Tokyo. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So Japan's gonna be pricey.

So, yeah, if you can't make it to there,

make it to


I will be here



And What's the what's the price of Nostril?


I think it's around 0?


Yeah. It's about right. But in sats.


Well, in sats, it depends on, It's it's 0 sats. Yeah. It's about, like, 0. Yeah. Yeah. So,

it is free.

I respect the hell out of Dorsey for what he did with

Costa Rica. Right? It was not to Rica.

And Uvita was a a memorable experience.

That if you could believe it, that was my first time going to

any kind of Bitcoin slash Nostra event in the past 10 years. Obviously, Nostra has What a great first. Yeah. And, I just give a shout to Mads for allowing me to go because I didn't have a ticket,


and I was sold out. This is the second time you shot her out, by the way. Mads is technically not a member at Bitcoin Park, but she's part of the Bitcoin Park family.

She's here all the time. She's helping us with both Nosterville and the Lightning Summit.



She's just a wonderful person. Mad. Yep. And, it's Just point out a fact, like,

I did go to Magic City Bitcoin

in Birmingham

to go shout out,


her dad threw me on stage without notice. And, I'm not a public speaker, so it's, like, a little weird of a situation, but, like,

yeah, I I wanted to go, like, just give her a shout out for,

giving me the

the the trust of, going to Nasr,

Nasr Rica.


what I did was I just man the gate for a couple hours every day,

and we had some weird stuff going on.

If you wanna hear more details about that, you can

listen to,

go on,

Nasr and listen to,

what is it called? Noster Nest.

No. It's not Noster Nest.

Noster Fleb Radio. So what you're saying is there was a spook? Yeah. Yeah. There was a CCP guy.


But And you stopped him at the gate? Yeah.


This guy. For a few days. And then So you're, like, basically Jack Bauer?




I wouldn't put it that way, but, like, let's just say this guy was falling around people

and, trying to sneak in with a fake badge and

wearing full jean jacket, full jeans

in 90 plus degrees weather, and it was kinda, like, obvious what he was doing with the big backpack. So


Well, thank you for your service.


I do wanna say, like,

on the whole competition of conferences, I feel like we come around every single conference season, and this is a conversation.


to your point, like, we're not competing. There are so many things happening. Like, if we're gonna say just keep building,

just keep building, and people will come and people will


enjoy what they We've never had this many, though.


But we've never well, but we're in a bear market. We're in a bull market for Bitcoin events.

Bull because we're building in the bear.


Like, we've never had this many. But it'll work itself out, and you cannot. Like, if you if you wanted to, you could just never go home and just go fly from event to event now. It used to be, like, even 3 years ago, it was, like, there was 3 events.

You know? It's like you hit those 3, it was, like, 90%.


That was it. But now think like, honestly, this is adoption. Like, this is truly adoption that we say we want. So,

you know, lightning.

I'm not going overseas right now to go to a lightning conference. I'm stoked about a lightning

summit because it's not a conference. It's true. But I'm stoked to be able to hopefully be here at the park with all of our lightning friends and, like, just focus on lightning

because I can't do it anywhere else.

Like, when we had NIMS, the National Energy and Mining Summit,

it was a whole group of people that I don't normally get to enter That was awesome. Yeah. It was amazing.

I don't get to sit in a whole group of mining people because I live in lightning world.

Even though I get to live in lightning world, I don't get to go and sit down and, like, think about lightning with people. So,

you know, to your point, I'm not going to Asia. I'm not going to Costa Rica, unfortunately.

I'm excited to be here for


because it'll be my first because, also, don't tell people, but, like, I'm not set up well on Nostril like I should be. I I tagged you. I was your 18th follower on Nostr. Thank you. Yeah. I tagged you in the post. So


Thank you. Anyone who who saw the post on Nostr knows you're not well set up on Nostr as well. Everybody knows. Yes.


Would you feel like I mean, to to Kim's point, it's

terrifying. I mean, we've got so much going on in Bitcoin


it I I can't imagine, you know, an event that covers all of Bitcoin.

I mean, Bitcoin Miami, fantastic. The Bitcoin conference is incredible.


you know, I was up till 3 am all nights and maybe came away with 5%

of what I could have done or learned or,

the experiences I could have had. So it seems seems inevitable that we have to sort of specialize, stratify. Yeah. It's Bitcoin growing up. Yeah.


And, also, like, there's

there's no, like, email conferences.

So, like, as Bitcoin becomes the standard, I think a lot of this moves

more to, like, specific niches and then also culture things. Right?

Which is you could kinda see that happening with the Miami conference, which is why they made the push into music and whatnot.

Like, more on the culture side art. They have an amazing art gallery. That was incredible.

Besides the ordinal stuff,

which the freaks know I'm very outspoken against.


I'm with you.


Bitcoin Park,

preeminent art gallery Bitcoin Art Gallery of the World. Right? Yes. Yes. Is there there's no second best? No second best. Nope. Once the word was out, people were like That's pretty cool. Yeah. We have,


who's Asanoa sent us a

Citadel 21.


Yeah. We're looking at it right now over there. Base cats? Right across yes. Yeah. Huddl knot. I love that dude.


Yeah. And the artist is fantastic. Got to meet him in Miami finally. That was

Yeah. I met his mom in Miami too. Yeah. Yes. Just a great family. Yeah. But he's been very generous to us here. And Yeah. No. We're very grateful for you. Thank you, sir. Thank you, brother.


But, yeah, we have great art all throughout Echoing Park. I think that's really cool,

this kind of burgeoning physical Bitcoin art scene.

That really like, our generation doesn't really care about physical art that much,

except for Bitcoiners. It the it's kinda cool that it's happened.

We have made X's art right outside the studio.

I love no good nodes. Art Yes. So good. So good. Bringing back a renaissance of sorts. Yeah. There are always cycles. There's always something new. Yeah. But, I mean, Josh is also an art curator now.

That was not in the job. By the time he by the time he retires from Bitcoin Park, his resume is just gonna be loaded. All loaded. Yeah. I have to tell you, it's been quite a joy working with the artists too because


they'll reach out to me, and, we'll

coordinate and do all the things that need to be done to get the thing hung on the wall eventually. But it's it's neat because

much like Sean here, we've connected a lot on music. Absolutely. That is a realm that we live in, but the actual


print, paintings, things like that, I haven't had a, you know, a massive appreciation for until I started working here. And so that's been really neat just as, like, personal development thing. I mean, it's also a nice hack for us because we get to appreciate the art without buying it. A 100%. And they get the exposure, and it's wonderful for everybody. Because that's always the balancing act between big corners. It's like, do I hold the sats or do I and, of course, like, art like made x is, like, include sats with it as well.

Every piece of art has an open dime attached, but that's always a balancing act.

There is gonna be a moment

where I decide that I'm gonna actually buy a bunch of Bitcoin art and put it up in the Citadel, but

I don't know when that moment's gonna be, and I haven't hit it yet.


And meanwhile, we get to we get to

get a sense of what the best and brightest are. That's incredible proof of work.


Yeah. No. It is really cool. The art's really cool.

But now

now that our walls are filled, we're gonna have to start making hard decisions on on which art we put up and which art we don't. We haven't really hit that point until now.

Kim, you're gonna say something? Because I'm gonna just I was gonna put all the pressure on on your husband. I was gonna say there are so many nooks and crannies. We haven't filled


I mean, what did they do before this? Do they have records in the bathroom?


Because they are literally in the bathroom in 1910. The records are, like, the only thing they didn't leave us.


Yeah. But there's place there's spots for artwork. We didn't we didn't


none of these chairs were purchased. They all came with the place, just FYI. We did pay for the doorknob. Just the doorknob. So for context, there's all these shelves all around the park. Right? And they're even in the bathrooms. And this used to be the recording studio for Florida Georgia Line, which a lot of people are familiar with that band. Country pop band. Country totally. Country pop. Yeah.

Anti George straight stuff. But,

so, like, there's all these shelves, and they used to put their platinum records and awards and stuff on there, and we've repurposed it for art. So we have not put any art in the bathrooms yet, and I'm really torn to put in your art. There's some big questions. Those will be the last shelf that I get filled. Why why can't we put art in the bathrooms? I don't know because people are, you know we got put art in their bathroom? Well, our art curator over here is, like,


puffing his nose. What's the expression? I don't even know.


It's a beautiful space.


There's shelves. There's all sorts of stuff. I think art in the bathroom makes complete sense. Who doesn't want art in the bathroom? We have room for more sneakers. We have way more room for sneakers. Yeah. We have artistic sneakers here too.

Yeah. Lina. Yeah. Shout out, Lina. Yeah.


And then, BTC Speedboat had,


donated some of his sneakers that didn't fit him. So we're glad to take your sneakers that don't fit. Yeah. Anyway, if you're a Bitcoin artist, what is the what is the call to action for Bitcoin artist, Josh? Do we have a type form? Is it bitcoinpark.com/artists?

Yes. I don't know if that is that actually it? That's good to me. It will be in the next 5 minutes. At Bitkite, get on it. Rodney listening. It might not work right now, but

I'll make sure that it redirects

after the show.

Or you can just send it. Just search Bitcoin

Park on on Google Maps, and


you'll have her address, and you could just send us art. Yeah. Are we gonna talk Bianca, just to bring it up. Like, Bianca

painted some amazing,


Genesis, block art, and she's in Argentina.

And right now, we do not have a Nastr marketplace that's official,

but Nastr is a protocol, and anyone can make a marketplace from it.

And what's amazing is, like,

before there's a marketplace,

I'm already purchasing art for Bitcoin Park

on Noster.


So it's just a matter of What did you do Zap to pay?


It was 1,000,000 sats,

which is pretty rare because I I only zap fives.

But, I did zap a million sats to her. Not 2 sets of 500 k? Nope. Nope. Nope. It was it was official 1,000,000 sats, very rare. And, she actually shipped it and Ordinals. We received it.

No ordinals involved, but

I just wanna shout her out because, like, it was

all through

direct messages

on Nostra,

which are kinda, like, in between right now because they're not fully encrypted. Just the messages are, but not who you contact.


based on reputation,


that's how I decided to do this deal. And And you bought us whiskey glasses too. Is that the whiskey glass you're drinking out of? You bought that on Noster?


Glasses on Noster. I bought 4 of them,

and I continue to want to buy things on Noster.

I've dealt through the eBay saga, the PayPal saga.

I've been through this for a long time,

and I

specifically purchased nostr.market

to make sure that we are pointed in the right direction.

But what's cool about Nostra is How many domains do you own? I own, like, maybe, like, 6. It's an addiction. Be careful. It's not that bad. What do you own? It's not that bad.

Too many. But but the but the point

is, like, it doesn't matter who owns any domain, not certain It kinda does. Calls like TCPIP.

So anybody could build anything they want and put it on any domain,

or people could put their end pubs on specific items,

and it doesn't matter

that they're tied to a certain marketplace.

It's just if you have the reputation,

you're not an asshole.

You're you're a person

that actually cares about the community.

Like, you can actually go ahead and make a business out of it, and I think that's very powerful.


But, yeah, we have bullish on Monster. I mean and Bitcoin.

I mean, we have,

maple syrup guy and soap lady.


What do Uh-huh. Sarah is the soap lady, and

what is maple syrup guy's name? Oh, man. I'm drawing a blank. I mean, look, I've always called them maple syrup guy and soap lady, so, like, I remember their names. Frida, the bread lady. Oh, Frida. Yeah. Yep. Seed oil free cinnamon buns. So stupid.

But, yeah, I love the whole Bitcoin circular economy stuff, and I think it it overlaps with nostrils significantly now.

It's gonna be interest first of all, by the way, you continually

prove to the freaks that you're a resident Nostra influencer regardless of It's true. If you don't like the term.

I also hate the term influencer, but,

that's why I'm having fun trolling you with the term. But,

Nostra is interesting. Right? Because this place is called Bitcoin Park, but I think it's gonna become a,

a home for Noster building and Noster community development and and everything

in between. Right?

It really is a complimentary

FreedomTech project to Bitcoin.

And I think even for the Lightning Summit, we'll have Nostar

well, at the very least, we'll have Nostar discussions. I don't know

what's the best way to integrate it further.


I mean, voltage has a noster integration. Socket. Mutiny.


Yeah. Use your noster.

My my lightning address now on Noster is

my self custody.

I use I do self custody lightning address


through Nostra through Voltage Yeah. On Nostra. There's that's the thing. Like, with Mutiny and Voltage and just these companies, like, we're not making them desperate. What is it? Odell@vlt.ge?

Is that it? Vlt.ge.


Yeah. Send me sats. Send sats. You can put a nice message attached to it.


See? I mean, yeah, it's not hard to make the jump in conversation

we're building. It's


it's beautiful. I will say, like, between open sets,

one thing I realized

after years of focusing on Bitcoin education is

everyone thinks it's a tech project, which it is.

Ultimately, it's open source code that you run on your computer, Bitcoin.

But but, really, it's a movement of individuals. Right?

So I quickly realized what I wanna focus my time on. I wanted to focus my time on things that that supported that movement of individuals in different aspects. Right? And I I have the podcast, which hopefully keep people informed and

foster good discussion.

We have OpenSats, which provides no strings attached to open source grants. We have 1031,

which provides funding to monetizable businesses.

We have Bitcoin Park, which

tries to support local community development and strong local communities.

And, anyway, across all of those

facets, I've noticed

more and more attention being focused on Nostr,

in terms of being complementary to Bitcoin. So you tons of open source projects that are applied. I mean, OpenSats now, thanks to Dorsey, has a dedicated Noster fund.

So, obviously, all those projects have Noster relations. But even Bitcoin projects, it's like they're adding

you know, mutiny has, you know,

Nostr as a communication layer.

And you're starting to see, like, all these different Bitcoin projects kind of, oh, like, oh, we have this interoperable communication protocol.

Like, that is extremely useful for an interoperable permissionless money system. Right? And

it's I wasn't around to watch Bitcoin in its infancy.

It's really cool to watch Noster in its infancy.


I wanted to say, like, I remember now Lipchain


Avi and QW

and Marseille.

I appreciate what they did. They even had me had a

have an interview and

it was interesting because, like, I'm just a pleb. I'm a nostril pleb. Influencer.

They wanted to hear about me. No. No. Mine.

I don't wanna hear that word. But, yeah. No. They they wanted to have an interview, and I spent an hour on there.

I had a huge bottle of Maker's Mark in one of the co spaces up in


Bitcoin Park and In this building. Right? Yeah. 100%.

And it was like,


Why? Why do you wanna talk to me?


it it's impressive, like, what Noster has become.

I'm so enthusiastic about it. I don't know if anybody

that's listening has been around when Bitcoin first started.

But Satoshi's listening right now. Satoshi, I hope you are listening, but,

it's just it's just such a big

thing that changes the narrative.

It's just like Bitcoin changes money

and makes itself money.

And Nasr changes communication

where it becomes communication.

It's such a big change that I went full send on it,


I just saw a post today.

I forgot the person that posted it, but, like, apparently, I was the the person that zapped the most.

It doesn't matter. I don't care if I'm, like, the next Noster pizza guy.

But, like,


is the next step.

The the the power of carrying

your profile,

your identity,

your followers,

your friends,

your notes that you post

to any platform,

whether it's, like, a Twitter style platform or Instagram

style platform

or a Craigslist


any anything you could think of. Like, it's a protocol. It's like TCPIP.

Like, there's no one that's gonna change that, and I think it's so powerful

that I am spending

whatever I have

to make sure it happens,

and I want it to succeed.


Oh, yeah. Passion. I think the oh, sorry. Real quick. I was just saying, I think the other is that Ken? No. You're good. Oh, yeah. Sweet.

So the other interesting aspect of it, I think, is that at the same time, Bitcoin continues to ossify.

Noster is this fantastic playground.


Yeah. That's what's cool about it. You can move fast. Exhilarating.

And you're not messing with the money. And it's not a consensus, actually. So it's fine. Yeah. And you Like, sometimes, like, you'll see a nostril press go up, and it's like, your client can't read it or whatever. It's like, who the fuck gives a shit? It's not like someone lost their wealth. Yeah. So it's been great. I mean, just as a non dev, it's been phenomenal watching teams like Muti and others, Pablo,


who you mentioned, earlier, and just a tremendous number of developers

get to move really quickly, experiment,


and with zaps and lightning, tie it all in. That's extremely exciting to watch. No. Yeah. I agree. By the way, Randy, I'm going on PlugChain Radio next week, I believe.


Perfect. Yeah.

One thing about that, like,

it was interesting because


You gotta be closer to Mike, bro. What's up? Closer to Mike. Yeah. Yeah. I apologize.


So just for everybody that,

is watching right now, like, I have not been on a live podcast slash

whatever you wanna call this

at anytime. So, like, yes, I am new to this. But,

I I do appreciate everybody at the Noster Report for

having me on Nastra.

I'm I'm NastraPlex. Like,

the the radio show

is pretty cool because, like, every week there's something new that's going on.

And I've been in Bitcoin for 10 years, and I've never been to a conference or anything



of this year, which was


The way I found out about meetups was through, Orange Pill app, which you could see why I'm wearing the shirt. They're in the comments too. And just just to be, like, completely transparent,

I did not know I was gonna be on this today.

So I just happened to wear this shirt, and this is how I found Bitcoin Park.

21 push ups, Mateo. 21 push ups, buddy. Yeah. Mateo. Okay. Yeah. I talked to Mateo. He he built the app.

I would just wanna say one thing.

This metric,

whoever you are on Bitcoin Park,

I'm sorry, the the orange pill app.

I do not know who you are,

but you are the reason I found this place

in February.

And ever since then,

I've been to

Nas Rica. I've been

to De Niro, Mexico

with Amanda and Jimmy. I've been to the Bitcoin conference, thanks to c k. I've been to Prague, thanks to Rockstar.

And now I'm gonna be at the lightning summit, thanks to Odell and Rod and Josh. And

I just

it it's it's just something that, like, blows my mind. Like, 10 years in Bitcoin, I haven't done anything.

And when you first go to a meetup,

it changes your perspective on life.


I'd I've said this before on a number of nests,

on a number of spaces,


I'm not an extrovert. I'm an introvert.

I'm not the best speaker. You're doing great. Right? But, like,

coming here

changed my life. And I know it sounds weird and like, oh, yeah. Okay. Whatever.

No. It really did.

8 months ago, I was a different person.


being part of a community and

people that

understand what's going on in the world

really makes a difference. And if you are not available

to come to Nashville,


go to something local

on meetup.com.

I know it's a shit app, shit website.


But bitcoinpark.com/meetup.


Exactly. If you can't find something,

start something. You will be surprised.

Somebo some maybe one person will show up.

And then after that, maybe another person will show up. And then all of a sudden, you're gonna have a group of people, like minded,

that understand

that this fiat system

is complete garbage,

and you're gonna start a community.

This is how Bitcoin Park started.

I happen to move here July 1, 2022,

and I didn't move here because of Bitcoin Park. I moved here because my buddy that I've been doing computer work with for 20 years

decided, like, this was, like, one of the best places to move to. It's between this and Florida.

And ended up in Nashville.

And then 7 months in working remotely for a a crap fiat job,


I figured, hey. Let me try to, like, look out for a community to do something with. I don't play softball anymore, broke my ankle,

chin, etcetera.


How did that happen?



Let's just say, like, poor community,


in, Connecticut.




They basically didn't wanna pay to


regress the fields and, yeah, I broke broke my ankle there. But,


I saw you sprinting across the parking lot yesterday. Yeah. No. No. I'm feeling better now. We have Chatham House rules at the park. You're not supposed to


I rubbed bitcoins on it, so, like, I'm feeling


But, yeah,

I just happened to move here. And

7 months in, I'm like, okay. I'm I'm working remotely. Like, I'm not sure what's going on. Like, I need to do something else. Right? I didn't wanna play softball anymore. I didn't wanna do any

sports activities, and I'm like, alright. Maybe Bitcoin. Like, let me just look it up.

And what happened was

I got on the orange pill app. Mateo, thank you for that. I know it's been classified as a dating app. It's not really a dating app, but you can use it as that. But I got on that app, and,

the symmetric


Bitcoin Park in his profile.

I have no idea who this guy is. I have yet to meet him, and I've been on the park since February.


I googled it, and then I found the meetup app, and then I joined

the next meetup, and

what happened was

I was extremely humbled when I showed up here. I thought it was gonna be a baseball field with beers.


And there's 2 Yeah. The name believes something to be desired, I think. Two buildings, 2 stories,


full of workspaces,


I'm just like,

what is going on? I walk in the back.

I have no idea. Like, it just blows my mind.

The first person I really have a conversation


is rock star,

and I thought he was Rod.

We talked for 10 minutes,

and then I'm like, it's great to meet you, Rod. And then he no. No. No. No. Rod's the handsome one.


Rod Stark. It's not Rod Stark. Yeah. It then I ended up talking with Rod, and he's like, wait a week. Odell's away.

You have to talk to Odell first. And

during that week, I had no I had no idea who you were.

Like, I gave up on Bitcoin

in terms of, like, following what's going on in the news

during the having. Oh, no. No. I'm sorry. Not the having. The the


the hard fork where Right. Big box size work. Yes.


Roger Ver and all that nonsense. Yep. So I kinda gave up on that. I was like, I'm gonna huddle.

I'm not paying attention.


when Rod said, like, okay. Wait a week.

Odell will be back. I was like, okay. Cool. I had no idea who you were. I had no idea.

And I watched a couple of videos and, you know, rabbit hole recap.


what it did was, like, I realized, like, we are on the same mindset,



self sovereignty.

Like, I was like, this is gonna be a piece of cake because, like, we're already on the same page.


2 more points real quick.

One thing Rod told me,

big kite, if anybody doesn't know who he is on Twitter.


he told me that

Craig Wright was a member, and I was, like,

gasping, like

and it was a joke, but, like, that's a great test, right, to see if you're, like, legit. I mean, I was just like, what in the world for 5 seconds. And then he was like, no. I'm just playing around. And then the second test was when Odell asked me, why do you have crypto in your Twitter profile?

And I was like, well, it's because I use Monero to mix my Bitcoin.

And that's before I messed with Whirlpool and whatnot,

which was a legit, you know, concern.

And, yeah, so I switched that right away.

So yeah.


We do real due diligence here at the park. A 100%,

and, I respect the hell out of it. So, thank you for having me. I will say I was most impressed that you had the island Twitter handle.


Well, yeah. Yeah. I'm a old ass.


42 years old. So, yeah, been around for a while. Well, anyway, the freaks in the live chat are loving you, Randy. By the way, I was told you're not an influencer. You're a celebrity.


No. Neither.

Neither. I'm a I'm a Nostril pleb.


To pivot a little bit,

this has been a fantastic conversation so far.

Kim, you guys recently launched Surge as as in yesterday.





Pretty cool. It's amazing.


fun fact,

in our Slack, we just have a channel where it just shows us

every agent that's spun up or every new node that's spun up. And, like,

just watching that yesterday,

we were humbled just at how many people were so excited to jump on, try surge, and just,


I don't know, interact with Voltorch. How does that work? First of all, Surge is this cool portal where you can

basically see all the health statistics and everything you need to know about your node all in one nice place, which

pretty crazy.

It's been we're 4 years into lightning, and there's

not much that does that. There's all There's home home brewed remedy. Well yeah. And there's, like, ThunderHub, and there's Lightning Terminal, which I think came out

Surge is very clean. It's and

I haven't done it. But it's kinda cool that I can I think I can link multiple nodes and kind of have them all in the same spot? Yeah. Do you have your But

while I have you on air,

do I get charged

while it's open? How does the how does the pricing mechanism work on search?


Come on.


I mean, it's open right now, so do I have to rush and close it while I'm


That's a great question. So there's this great guy on our Discord

or on Twitter, whatever, b for bacon

1. He's gonna be here for the lightning summit. He's gonna be here for the lightning summit.

I know that it is driven by data usage, but I don't know


You don't know how I get charged for it? Yeah. I just said data usage, but I don't. What does that mean? Exactly.

The website is unclear.


Oh, okay. Well, we have marketing to do better than I got it slash pricing. Thank you for giving us live feedback. We will update. To be clear, I'm using it. I just don't know how much I'm being charged for it. To be clear, I work there. I should know exactly how you're getting charged. Okay. Fair enough. Call me. I'm glad I asked the hard the hard questions here at dispatch.

It really should not cost you an arm and a leg. I assume it'll be reasonable.


Yeah. I'm And I know where you live. So Yeah. It's true. Well



If it goes above $50 it should never go above $50. It should be way lower than that. Right? It should be way lower than that. We wanted to do it so that


can use this. Right? We don't want you to have to be an enterprise company with VC money trying to, like, pay your bills. We want developers using it. Right? Like, we want you testing out what, you know, your new project is doing. So making it affordable for the masses.

$10 a month should be about what you end up spending. $15 a month. Well, you guys made the switch


maybe a couple maybe 6 months ago or something. You made the switch from, like, flat monthly pricing to essentially usage based pricing. On our nodes.

Just across all the products. Right?


Yeah. So on our nodes. Flow, if you're using Flow. Yeah. Right. And surge now. Yeah. Surge.


And btc pay server. And btc Does that count as a node? Not really. It's a instance. Gonna its own instance. Yeah. But, anyway, I like the usage based pricing.

It's clean, simple. I just add node credit with Bitcoin. You're in node KYC.





Good. And user friendly. Great.

Yeah. Awesome. But And the freaks know, like,

I'm in a love hate relationship with nodes,

specifically lightning nodes. Well, because lightning nodes are hard. L and D. Yeah. Because whenever you can play like, there's such a mental burden with running lightning nodes.


you know, most I mean, we'll just use the podcast for example.

You know, most people most of the shows

that by the way, Freaks, thank you for constantly,

getting dispatch on the top of the podcasting 2 point o charts. But most of the shows that dispatch is up there with, they use custodial wallets.

So sometimes I will release an episode

like the freak in the boostograms,

and people will stream me sats,

and I just don't get them because my node's offline.

And I've been running nodes since 2019. I'm running 6 nodes right now

across all the different entities and whatnot. Like, I run the big I manage the Bitcoin park node. Like, I'm not

I encourage people to run their own nodes. I tell people, you know, it's more accessible than you think it is. You should but it's a fucking mental burden compared to on chain where

they'll you'll never have a payment failure. Right? You have to manage liquidity. You have to do all this other stuff. So,

I'm particularly grateful

of the steps Voltage has taken to make it easier and easier

to use and run your own lightning node. And, I mean, we were talking about Nosta earlier.

What is it? It's, like, 70%

or something like that of Nostra users are using custodial wallets. Yep.

And and

Yeah. And if we wanna get past that hump, right, we need to make it easier for them to


run and manage their own lightning node and manage their liquidity and whatnot. And that's that's the ethos of Voltage too. Like, we're we're not gonna compromise on

self custody. We're not gonna compromise. If we can't build it,

we'll just keep working hard. Like, if we can't deliver it to the market and it can't be great, we're gonna keep building it. We'll hold on to it until

it is.

There's so many beautiful

platforms out there.

One of them really comes to mind. It's custody, and it's like, that's just not

the ethos of so many things like Noster. It's like, great. It plugs in really well. It plugs in x y z. It does x512

for you,


it defeats the purpose of being a nostril.

Right. Defeats the purpose of everything.

That is my humble opinion. My humble opinion only.

But, yeah, that's why when you can have a free tool like

the Nostra toolkit at Voltage,


get lot get set up. You don't have to use our node. Yeah. It's not even for Voltage users only. Yeah. You you don't have to use But you make it really easy for Voltage users. I just click the drop down. Absolutely. Super simple. Yeah. So if you have the whole ecosystem set up, it's even that much more stupid. It is cool that you

set up, it's even that much more stupid. So It is cool that you offer that for free. Also, big shout out, and you say this front and center on surge,

that you designed it in a way where you're not, like, looking at all my channel imbalances and stuff. Like, you care about privacy, and it'd be really easy for you to monetize that data.


thank you for not doing that. And and when you do do it, I if you do do it, I will,

I won't put that on you. If if if Voltage started doing it, I would be very critical, but I, I appreciate that you guys don't. We will not be monetizing your data. Thank you.


It's not ours.


Yeah. I mean, I really wanted to just talk about the BlackRock ETF, but it seems like you guys don't wanna talk about the BlackRock ETF, so we don't have to talk about we'll talk about it in a row. What does it change? Great question. Change. Yeah.

I'm pretty sure this marks the end of the bear market.

Hopefully, everyone was staying humble with sacking stats because I mean, what did what was the first thing I said when I walked into the park this morning?

Don't have enough Bitcoin.

Yeah. I mean, I say that a lot of times when I walk into the park. It's like my good morning greeting

and and physical person.

But I, you know, I think this is first of all, obviously, BlackRock can go fuck themselves.

They're a large evil corporation, and

they indirectly control all the blue checks.


they're the largest fund manager in the world.

They're the granddaddy of ESG.

And even if it doesn't get approved, which I think it will get approved because I don't think they would

because our system is corrupt, so you can always bet for corruption.

So I think it will get approved.

But even if it doesn't get approved, the fact that they are attempting to is a signaling mechanism to a bunch of other big money on the sidelines that has just been waiting and now wants to front run BlackRock getting approved.

So I think I think it marks,

like, a paradigm shift in Bitcoin's


Right? Like, this is the

what did, like, Pompeo always say? Like, institutions are coming or whatever?

I'm not gonna say that, but it's what it feels like. They'll probably play paper Bitcoin

games. You know? If they do, they'll get wrecked is my belief.

I think a lot of people are gonna learn self custody the hard way, like Sean did with GBTC

by buying BlackRock.

But I think it's a big deal.


What do you think is the worst case outcome? Like, what are we,

Yeah. What's the worst case in your mind?



goes broke.


I is that worst case? Let me rephrase that. What's the worst case for Bitcoin?


Yeah. I mean, no matter how I cut it, it just

seems overwhelmingly,

I guess, I guess, the the the the worst part of this is,

I hope most of you have been working 5 jobs to stack as many sats as possible because,

time is running out. Someone on Noster replied today by the way, when I say good morning, stay humble stacks on Twitter,

you know, you'll get a like. But if you say when I say it on Nostra and you respond back good morning, you actually get sats, which is pretty fucking cool. But I gave extra sats to this one guy who said,

I miss caps Odell.


Caps Odell is is hiding beneath the surface. I just keep pushing them down,

and time is running out.

Before he's unleashed? Time is running out. Like, the the,

I mean, the freaks know anyone who listened to Rabbit Hole recap,

when Caps Odell was out,

Marty increased


our ads. Rabbit Hole recap is is

is ad supported and podcasting 2 point o supported. So dispatch is ad free and audience supported only.

Our ads went up to, like, 10 minutes.

And I turned to Marty. I was like, Marty, this is ridiculous.

It's like, before you know it, it's gonna be like Joe Rogan. It's gonna be like an ad every, like, 3 minutes.

And he's like, Matt, like, every episode, like, you're just constantly shouting, like, we will never make more money than we're making today. Like, our our peak production in terms of sats

is is over. Like, we're over.

I'm feeling it coming back. Like, that's you know? And and and, you know, I think the last one was because of paper Bitcoin stuff. Right? It was like, like,

I think we and maybe it's cope, but I, you know,


I I think I think FTX and Celsius and BlockFi and Barry Silver were playing paper Bitcoin games, and they suppressed the price last cycle.

And they ultimately got wrecked, and it's long term, it's fine. Like, who who cares?

But, and paper Bitcoin games will be played again, and a BlackRock fueled,

BlackRock fueled

carnage will be you know, 1,000,000,000,000 of dollars of wealth will be wiped out around the world.

It's gonna be brutal.

But, yeah, no matter how I I cut it, I mean, besides besides the price running it, like, the amount of work that it takes to accumulate

a 1,000 sats or whatever metric you wanna do there.

Besides that aspect,

I don't think BlackRock is a fork risk. I welcome them to try and

do an ESG proof of stake fork

to Bitcoin. Like, I think people, like, learn the wrong thing. Some people learn the wrong things from Block Size War.

Anyone can fork, including BlackRock.

Having more Bitcoin doesn't give you more influence on the network. That's the whole value prop. Nobody can stop BlackRock from doing it. They were always gonna do it eventually. It was just a matter of time.

BlackRock can't stop us from using Bitcoin.

So, yeah, I'm not concerned about any of that. Obviously, retail's gonna get fucking wrecked.

I'll probably sit out this next cycle instead of, you know

I probably won't.

I'll probably be really loud about trying to warn people about the concerns of,

buying BlackRock ETF instead of

self custodying Bitcoin. But most will not listen, and they will wait till their hand is burning on the stove like you, Sean.

But then they will learn. Yep. That's the beauty. Like, the path to hyperbitcoinization is probably just billions of people getting rugged over and over again

until they learn self custody.

But, yeah, I can't really

what what negatives do you think? Have you thought of any negatives?


I mean, I think it's where it's the things you laid out. It's just prolonging


perception that you can take an easier path, that you can get exposure, that phrase But that will always happen. You think? Yeah. Is that perpetual, or does it decouple at some point?


Maybe, like, in a century or something. Like, after all the rugs happen.

Yeah. A 100 years of rugs. That's your that's 100 years of gonna be your O'Dell calls her A 100 Years of Rugs. Years of Rugs by Matt O'Dell. You heard it here first.

Were you Kim, you were gonna say something. What's what's do you think of any negatives of BlackRock ETF?


I mean, there's

always perceived negatives of everything. But, I mean, I think to your I was thinking more along your point. Anybody can fork.

They do what they want. Yeah. It doesn't it changes nothing

for the core protocol. It changes nothing for how we choose to use it.

I mean, more price manipulation,


Maybe suppression? I do I mean not even If they wanna suppress the scarcest asset that humanity has ever seen,

good fucking luck. Like, that is Yeah.


That's all I got. Like, that's why I say BlackRock ETFs, all the things. It still doesn't change. I come back to you, we are communities.

Like, that's where I live.

To Randy's point of why we're all here and what we're doing, like, come back to communities, and these communities

right here, like,

will survive.

And it will be because of Bitcoin

and not because of BlackRock or anything they did to it.

We've got our ranchers. We've got our breadters,

needers, breadters, bakers, whatever they are. Bakers. Bakers. Bakers.

We've got our cinnamon buns. We've got our cows. We've got our raw milk. Like, we'll survive. We'll be fine.

So, ultimately,

blah blah blah.


Yeah. They can eat sludge if they want.

They can buy shit BlackRock. I mean, Josh, put the tinfoil hat on. Do you have do you have any negatives about the BlackRock ETF stuff? Well, we were in the VIP earlier, and you put me to ease a little bit like you just did now. But I'm always concerned about just the papering over the veneer of and stacking and layers of just junk that can eventually but then there's rugs and, yeah, sure. Negative price action, of course, like Randy said, who gives a crap?

We know what we're accumulating, this scarce

asset, this scarce real estate over time. Right?

So I'm not concerned about that. But People will get wrecked. I I agree that people will get wrecked. Yeah. And they'll just rinse and repeat, and it'll be another company or something next time, and it's whatever. But the more people that get once again touch the stove, learn self custody of their Bitcoin, then we've got then there's a win there. Those people aren't going back to the other side,

And so we have more Bitcoin being locked up in self custody or, you know,

obviously, as we do here at Bitcoin Park, we're on Bitcoin standards. We're using it as a Toshiba vision as a peer to peer cash system. So it is floating around. It's circular economy in a sense here.


Yeah. We run BTC pace over here on voltage.



One of the I mean, one of the dark horse, dark outcomes that,

I don't have any line of sight to, but I hear people begin to chatter about is,

Is this a path towards CBDC or is this

somehow going to accelerate or,

you know, all kind of tentpole hat stuff of BlackRock and collusion with various parties and does this. Well, I guess bitcoin being the CBDC or? Well, the paper bitcoin,

you know, is it enough to distract people from or make them comfortable with

some synthetic


it becomes a backdoor into into a CBC?


Well, I think that's 2 different things. Right? Because a CBDC will be like a surveilled

will be like PayPal 2 point o. Right? It'll be actually something that people use and go and buy and spend with.


And, I mean, I think,

however it looks, I mean, we're already kind of close to it with people you know, there's, unfortunately, some places in Nashville that are cashless. Right? And you have to pay with credit card.

All that is surveilled. All of that data is shared.

Obviously, anyone who pays via PayPal or Venmo or Cash App,

All those payments are tracked. Like, there's a beauty to cash, and cash is

is actually dying mostly just because people are choosing to use more convenient options in digital form instead of

it's not really government pressure that is stopping cash usage,

which a lot of people speculated that was gonna be the case.

On the paper Bitcoin side, I just

look. I mean, I don't pretend to know know everything, and,

you know, maybe I'm wrong. You know? Maybe

maybe a a large fund manager is able to

suppress the price of Bitcoin with paper derivative products and whatnot. But if that's the case, I mean,

then Bitcoin has always been fucked this whole time,

and I just don't believe that's the case. I just I I run it through my head. Right?

And this is one of the re you know, there's a whole group of people

that I love,

on Twitter,

that call themselves accelerationists.


very careful what I say publicly and what she knows. What on the record you should always assume that everything,

you say on a podcast or on Twitter will be played back in

a 1000000 different scenarios.


this is why staying humble and stacking SaaS is important. This is why millions of staying humble and stacking SaaS is important. Because if we just keep stacking

and taking self custody,

and as long as every market in the world is not captured, which they can't be because Bitcoin's global and permissionless,

then if anyone tries to suppress the price of this thing, they're just gonna get blown the fuck out eventually. Now it might like, short term, you can suppress the price. Short term, you can play all these paper games.


we just saw this last cycle.

There was a bunch of Fiat Maxis that tried to do it.

They all got fucking wrecked.

Right? It took a little while,

and, like,

you know, our purchasing power of Bitcoin has gotten hurt

in the meantime,

which is painful

if you're all in Bitcoin.

But, like, long term, then where are they now? They're all wrecked.

So I just that's what I play through in my head. Right? This is, like, okay. Like, maybe may and then maybe someone like BlackRock can suppress it for longer.


But I eventually

eventually, the market's gotta just blow them out.

If we just keep taking self custody, there's less on the market.


Who's selling Bitcoin? The most satisfying

thing if Black were BlackRock gets wrecked by Bitcoin.

It would put Bitcoin on the map

where everyone

will pay attention. Like, that would be amazing.


Yeah. I mean,

if BlackRock plays, I, like, I really just hope like, I I hope they just play a tasteful amount of paper Bitcoin games.

Like, I hope it's, like, 80% collateralized

with actual Bitcoin, and they're not, like, fraction reserved to, like, 10% or something. Like, the banking system. So the bank's the banks capital reserve requirements, like, 0 or something like that. It's fucking ridiculous. I hope they play tasteful games because

if they get blown up and they only have 10% of the Bitcoin they said they got,

that's global depression.

Like, that is

that that would be a very painful situation,

and I laugh nervously is when I laugh. I'm not laughing because it's funny,

but that would be

that would be pretty bad.

But, ultimately,

it it would rest on on on both the managers of the fund and also anyone who chose

to invest in that product. And I think long term, like, Bitcoin would be fine, and and we'd we'd push forward.


When I I'd I'd like to believe, and this is not my area of expertise, but that it doesn't affect utility in the sense that lightning as the primary example

for payments and beyond,

continues to to progress and builders continue to build. And I suppose there's there are ways in which liquidity could be

manipulated through paper ETF. But What do you mean? Well, what I'm saying is that I I don't know how that happens, but I'm just saying I think the utility side versus the Treasury,

you know, Bitcoin is reserve asset versus Bitcoin is a payment rail. Bitcoin is,

you know, as the underlying,

asset for for lightning. Just all of that utility, all that building,


I think continues to march on unimpeded regardless of what BlackRock does. I think in a lot of ways I mean, if you look at something like 1031

and the other

Bitcoin focused venture funds in the space, like,

someone like

BlackRock coming in,

unlocks a whole set of capital that comes into those funds.

And then we're actually Bitcoiners, so, like, we invest them in, you know, in companies that we actually wanna support that are actually building, you know, proper robust infrastructure for Bitcoin.

So in a lot of ways, that unlocks

a whole new set of funding for Bitcoin businesses. I mean, they're they're not launching the BlackRock ETH Fund or the Solana Fund or the CryptoKitties

fund or the PoopCoin fund. Right? Like, they're launching the the Bitcoin fund.

So I think it brings in more money that way. Then also, like, if the price pumps, then all of a sudden, we have a bunch of sovereign individuals that have a bunch of a bunch of money that they can either bootstrap their own project or help support other projects. I mean, throughout the history of Bitcoin, we've seen many Bitcoin, quote, unquote, angels, right, that are writing

seed funding checks and, like, precede funding checks for companies and projects to support them.

And then there's projects, like

that are run by, like, OGs, like Electrum and stuff that are basically,

they're, like, set for life on their Bitcoin gains so that, you know, they they actually just they do it for the for the feel good,

and they keep improving their project.

So, I mean, that's where, like, that number go up. That's why it's funny. Like, you know, Twitter lacks nuance. So, usually, on Twitter, you see, like,

people that care about censorship resistant spending, and then the people that care about number go up, store value, or whatever.

But Bitcoin

works because of both combined.


You want a money that you can save without permission that increases in purchasing power over time, and you you need to be able to spend it without permission whenever you want to.

And you need both, and they both kinda play off of each other

in this kind of beautiful

feedback loop.


Does that create reverse incentives in what you just laid out then? I mean, I get your point, which is

that number go up,

would bring money maybe off the sidelines, but that's money that

could go into Bitcoin. It gets wrecked by way of a paper


by way of paper Bitcoin and BlackRock. Well, I'm saying some of that money will go into BlackRock and get wrecked, and then some of that money will go in to venture

funds and hopefully support good Bitcoin projects.

And then

if the price goes up, then also some of that purchasing power is just going into the pockets of

of Bitcoins Bitcoiners that care about freedom.

You know, on the paper Bitcoin side, there was a little bit of concern I had about 3 years ago

when Cash App first came in,

which was that these these more retail focused outlets would not allow withdrawals.

And what was really interesting is,

and this was a theory that we've seen play out over and over again, is is that the challengers go for Bitcoin first because they're looking for a competitive edge. And so Cash App was number 2 to Venmo at the time. They might still

be in America,

but they're both only America based. Anyway,

I think Cash App might have leapfrogged them depending on what metric you wanna count it as. But they were they were number 2, and they added Bitcoin.


you know, the Bitcoiners they had there made sure that that that withdrawals were were,

allowed. And and there's different reasons you can be critical of Cash App. You know, they have very stringent KYC.

Their limits are very low. But they

they allowed withdrawals on this app that is top of the App Store in terms of finance apps that 80,000,000 Americans have or whatever.

And as a result, what happened was because of competition

and capitalism,

Venmo added withdraw added Bitcoin first, and then they had they were forced to add withdrawals because, otherwise,

they were losing users to Cash App.

Robinhood added Bitcoin, and they were forced to add withdrawals because they were competing with Cash App.


and I'm on the record saying, I think on both Venmo and Robinhood that they were never gonna add

withdrawals, and they both did because they were forced to. And why is that important? That is important because

as much as KYC is an attack on Bitcoin and it's, you know, not ideal that the majority of people are coming in through KYC,

the lack of self custody as an option would be even more an attack on Bitcoin. And you can't really It's harder to blow out the people that are playing with paper Bitcoin

if millions of people aren't able to easily take self custody. I I almost feel like we passed that point. There maybe there was, like, another timeline where

the evil corrupt people are a little bit more coordinated, and they prevent because it's harder to take something away from someone than to stop it from happening in the 1st place. Like, once withdrawals are allowed,

you know, it would be like

you're you're literally cutting people off from their money. It'd be like stopping you from withdrawing from a bank,

which they kinda are doing. But

I don't know. As long as people are able to take self custody, we have these peer to peer markets. We have circular economy and stuff. I think we blow out all these people. And then the main fun line I've heard over and over again is this idea of this proof of stake fork. And I actually think

I think it'd be the most bullish thing ever because I think it will fail and and

because Bitcoin's extremely hard to change by default. That is the value prop. That's what that's what people don't realize. Everyone thinks Shitcoins are,

a lot of the Shitcoin promoters are like, Bitcoin moves too slowly. It doesn't get improved on, and that's a bug.

That's the feature. That's what protects everybody is that it's extremely

the default is no change.


but for most people, if you're not technical,

you're kinda just taking someone at their word for it. You don't you can't really verify that yourself except for time

and seeing things happen.

And for a lot of us, we learned it during the block size war. I mean, it was all the big companies,

including the largest miners in the world, were either for b cash, Bitcoin cash, or for Segwit 2 x,

and they all failed.

They all failed. And I think having

depending on inflation, however much BlackRock has under management that time when they decide to do the fork, they have 11,000,000,000,000 currently. So Bitcoin's market cap is 5% of that. But,

you know, if it's if it's the largest fund in the world, the largest asset manager in the world tries to fork Bitcoin

and gets wrecked and fails,

I think it's gonna be a wake up call for a lot of people like, oh, shit. Like, the 21,000,000 cap is never gonna be changed. You know? Censorship resistance is never gonna be impeded on.

Bitcoin is truly permissionless, and I

think there'll be, like, 1,000,000,000 of people that the light bulb comes on at that moment.

Some of them might even get wrecked in the fucking fork. Right?

Gradually then suddenly. But that, yeah, that would be really bullish,


And then anyone who's you know? Basically, for those who don't understand how forks work,

if you're holding self custody, which is really important because if you're with a custodian, they're gonna choose which side of the fork you go to.

If you're holding self custody

and a fork happens, first of all, if you're using your own node,

your node will not recognize the fork because the whole point of your node is it enforces the rules that you've agreed to.

So if you do not update your own node, it will never recognize,

a fork. But you essentially have 2 chains that have the same exact history, and then at the time of fork,

they diverge and they have new history.

So if you're holding self custody, you can think of it like you have 2 chains and you have the equivalent amount of,

Bitcoin on both chains. You have, you know,

real Bitcoin, and then you have, you know,

BlackRock Bitcoin, and you'll have exactly the same amount. So you can actually go to sleep and not do anything.

The fork fails and you still have the same amount of Bitcoin,

or you can actively sell your fork Bitcoin

for for your real Bitcoin.

And, I mean, that could be an opportunity to get a lot of money from the Blackrocks of the world in terms of them betting on their fork and and failing.

So, I mean, even the negative, like, the the things that people think are the big that that's actually probably would

be the single most bullish

situation for Bitcoin to be in.

Like, what pisses me off more is, like, Ripple paying the

Greenpeace terrorists to do their change the code campaign. Like, Greenpeace can change the code. They should just fork us.


They should just do the fork. And we tell them that every day when we walked up and down Change the code. Hillsborough. Yeah. Hillsborough Village. Yeah. There's Greenpeace Donators



salespeople. Salespeople. Yeah.


They're just fandy kids trying to make a buck? That's true.


Changing the world, one donation at a time.


I think, ultimately, like, these are all just peripheral conversations,

and it brings me back to the education

and why I am so


Randy made the great case of getting into your local meetup,

finding your Bitcoiners, like, and learning from each other because every last one of us at the table has a totally different

level of understanding of Bitcoin

and our specialties and everything else in it. And

self custody is the core issue,

like, of educating for yourself. And all this other stuff is just junk that keeps us, like,


So how are we helping?

One thing I love about being here at the park,

Craig Rah, for the love. Love that man. He comes in, and he teaches us how to use Sparrow.

Like, these are the learning opportunities we have to actually understand the tools available to us

so that we're not wrecked. Like,


that's more of the conversations I wanna see happening,

teaching every last person how to self custody


moon, it's easy. It's pretty. It's not lightning. Yeah. You know, just had this conversation again, you know, last night. It's not lightning.

It can pay a lightning invoice. It can pay. Yeah. But it's


I know it's not a lightning wallet. Lightning.

It's an on chain swap for a lightning. Right.


Who actually knows that? I learned that

probably 6 months ago.

Really? That yeah. I did. I used Moon because it was easy and 2 u's.

Moon with 2 u's.

Oh, Moon, Pay with Moon, whatever. Yes. But it's like, I just learned that 6 months ago because I didn't look into the model. I didn't look into all the different things. I knew it was easy. I knew I could get people set up on it easy, whatever, and they could pay. And you don't have to even choose. Right? Like, lightning or Bitcoin. You just scan you just scan the QR code, and it works. It works. But it doesn't work, like, half the time. I mean, it does. You just have to pay


on chain fees for every transaction.

Sure. But And they can lose a bunch of money by getting attacked. Absolutely.

Yeah. But But you still have self custody.

There's nuance here.

What does working mean?



being attacked this right now.

My point. Education is the most important. Yeah. The most important thing because, again, we use these solutions because they're easy they're easy to onboard people, but that's where we get stuck. And so, ultimately, when these things do happen,

BlackRock does whatever they do.

Are you gonna be stuck in

whatever happens there, or are you gonna be just fine waiting it out on the other side?

We don't do enough education


as a larger community, as a Bitcoin community. Yeah. Education it always comes down to education. Yeah. Education, education, education. So


what's the core issue versus all the peripheral issues?


And to me, it's self custody. But, I mean, I think there's also the

there's an aspect here where

people need to realize the need.

Like, you can have all the educations in the world,

but if people don't realize the need,

then they're not gonna take that extra step of friction to practice personal responsibility and



And you get wrecked once.

Hopefully, it's not everything,

but usually you learn. And that happens in life outside of Bitcoin.

Your mom tells you to put a helmet on, you fall off your bike,

crack your head open. Maybe I'll wear my helmet the next time. Maybe. It's not cool. If you've already cracked your head open, it's probably too late at that point. Right? I mean, you know, you get stitches. It's

Medical field has come along, but don't trust them people either. That's a whole different


Well, it's hard to convey. It's a bit of a different discussion, I suppose, but it's

that's such an experiential thing. It's difficult to convey the piece that comes with cold storage,

you know, and the ability to just sit back and let let what happens happens, be it BlackRock or whatever else. It's it's hard to get that across until you've

experienced it.


Yeah. And, I mean, I think we're gonna see that in the, we're seeing that in the fiat system. Right? It's not just,

it wasn't just like FTX and Celsius and BlockFi and Barry Silbert that were playing,

Ponzi games. Right? It's also, you know, Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate and Signature and First Republic, and

and I think the rugs will just continue until

people figure out that there's a better option available and then figure out. I mean, here's the thing. Right? It's like I fall on two sides of of of the spectrum. It's

we need the tools to be as easy as possible,

and they're getting better. They're getting easier to use. They're getting we're talking about surge, like, just released yesterday.

The tools are getting easier. They need to continue getting easier and more convenient and have best practices as a default.

But, like, at the same time, like, when people say, like, Bitcoin self custody is too difficult,

it's like driving a car is really fucking difficult, and people figure it out and don't die. Like, a lot of people die, but a lot of people don't die. Right? And just because they need to get somewhere and they need to, you know,

move things around, including their family, and they figure out how to fucking drive. Right?

Like raising a child, you know, being pregnant and growing a fucking human being takes a lot of personal responsibility. None of us would be at this table right now

if someone else didn't do that. Right? Like, literally, the world depends on this extremely difficult task

that people fucking figured out.

And it's because there was a very obvious need.

Right? And with money stuff,

I think,

at least in the western world, at least in, you know, the more developed world,

we've been coddled. You know? We've had a relatively,

we've had bumpers on our on our bowling, right, for

6 60 years, 70 years, 80 years,

and people feel coddled. But, like, you talk to someone in Argentina or you talk to someone

in Iran or Russia or Venezuela,

You don't have to explain why Bitcoin is needed. You just have to tell them, oh, there's this tool that you can use.

And they're like, oh, that's great. Like, I need that. I'm I'm gonna figure out how to use it, and they figure out how to use it. So I think,

it's a mixture of both.

Right? You know?

Life is complicated.

Bitcoin is one of the most simple thing aspects of my life. Everything else is super fucking comp running this place is complicated.

Bitcoin self custody is easy,

but I'm not trying to talk down to people. Like, I understand, like, you just

it can be easier, and, also,

you don't realize the need yet.


Yeah. I mean, to echo you, this whole,

this whole thing needs to become intrinsic with each individual, and that's only through a process of discovery and everybody's on that journey.

Yeah. I just,

I can't get away from from the the process that I went down, and I know where I'm at now. So extending grace to others is really important. So Yeah.


But you just we just tell people this because we don't want people to get hurt. We have ride or die free Carlos in the comments saying driving a car is super dangerous.

We all do it. Yeah. Yeah. But a lot of us do it. Some people don't. Yeah. Some people opt out of vehicles.

That's their prerogative.


Stack stats.


Don't drive, Stack stats. Choice.


Automobiles are a shit coin.


That's a true statement.


I mean, yeah, that they're definitely

not an investment.

A lot of people trick themselves into thinking they're an investment.


They have utility value. Absolutely. Yeah. So new so that nice nice new truck, not new to you, but

nice truck you got is what I'm saying.


Yeah. Yeah. It gets it gets me from point a to point b. All's dead laurels away? All yeah. We had a bunch of

Josh's like I said, Josh's, resume is gonna be very high. Not only is he an art curator

and a barista,


he's also a horticulturist.

Yeah. He,

we had all these laurels. I don't know how many freaks know what did anyone know what laurels were before, like, 6 months ago?

Because Rod, like, gave me, like, a really snotty like, everyone knows where laurels are. Because he has them in his front yard, and they're dead. Yeah. Well, we had a frost. We had a freeze in December in Nashville, and

our laurels died, which are

boujee bushes

is like the way I would describe them. They're very expensive bushes.

And they grow back, but you have to cut the dead part on top.

So I brought my chainsaw,

also not a great investment, but has very good utility value. It's a mighty fine chainsaw. And,


Josh sawed all the laurels

and loaded them in members' trucks, including my truck, and we drove them away. At one point, we had 3 or 4


members slash staff trucks loaded with dead Laurel pieces. There you go.

Laurel maximalism or Laurel I don't

know. But you can add that to your resume, Josh. Thank you. Yeah. That's the utility value. It's a low time preference endeavor. They will grow back in 2 to 3 years, 3 to 4 years.


I think they're gonna grow back quicker than that. I think everyone's too bearish on the laurels. So you said we Nashville's like a rainforest climate. We're like a the rainforest in North America. We're lush. We have lots of water here. This is true.

I think it grows back quicker.


Between that and the doorknob,

there's a lot off our plate on that one. So, yeah, these lingering things, thorns on our side. Dude, dude, don't be so hard on yourself. You're crushing it.



this has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for joining me on dispatch on short notice.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the chat. The chat is popping. Hey, Matt. One one question for you. Hit us, Randy.



You have stay humble, stack stats.

But what about stay humble,

zap stacks?


Zap stats? Zap stats. I was working it. Suburban, brother. Suburban.

I mean, I believe in spending Bitcoin. I think I think that people don't,

I think that

I think people that don't understand

why you'd spend Bitcoin are bearish

because it means that they still are holding dollars.

If you're all in on Bitcoin, you have to spend Bitcoin. Like, what else would you spend? It's your money.

So I'm very bullish on zaps. I'm a

prolific zapper,

on Noster. We call Bitcoin transactions on Noster zaps.

Look. I don't,

I don't pretend


a lot of people

tried told me to trademark the term Stambosax ads. I refused.

I mean, it literally just means buy Bitcoin.

Like, work hard. I'm I'm not gonna tell you what it means because it can mean a bunch of different things to a bunch of different people, and that's the beauty of it.

It. A lot of other people tried to trademark it. A bunch of scammers tried to trademark it, and they all fucking failed because it's in the public domain as it should be.


Yeah. A lot of people have suggestions on what my morning mantra should be.

If it's not broke, don't fix it. I'm not changing shit.

If you wanna zap me when I say stay humble, stack sats, by all means, do that. I'll zap you back. You know?

But, yeah, I guess that's


And no cross posting ever. Right?


If you do cross post, you should post on Nostr first,

and it shouldn't be automated. You should manually type it. That's what other people don't realize. I manually type it out. I actually looked up the tweet,

where I started doing it every morning

Like, the last 200 days, I've said good morning. Stay humblestack stats,

which, by the way, I say to myself first in the mirror.

And it was because someone released a $1,000 paid trading newsletter.

And I said, I should just release a newsletter where I just tell you good morning. Stay on Bustax ads every day.

But then I didn't wanna release a newsletter because I don't like harvesting email addresses, and I think it's just, like, really broken incentives.

So then I just started tweeting it out every morning, and I just think people don't think I would take a shitpost that far.

But it's more than that. It's, you know, it's a lifestyle, and you just gotta keep going. But I I think it is you know, stack it's it's something about, look, hard work pays off. There's no shortcuts. Right? And stay humble, Zapsads doesn't cover that.

Right? There's it doesn't cover all the

we should just be humble enough to know that we don't really know everything, and we should just work really hard and save money. Like, just just like a good old fashioned



Like, I just think can't zap unless you stack. You have to stack first before you can zap. Exactly. Training wheels. Right? Or


I don't know.

A lot of people are like, oh, put, like, no KYC in there. Put the

you guys are overthinking it.


Pretty soon you've got a disclaimer.


Yeah. This is, like, nonfinancial. Oh, this whole show is financial advice, by the way.

Yeah. Just live simply. Focus on the life is fucking short.

Focus on on what matters,

but there are no shortcuts.

Don't fall for the honey traps.

Okay, Randy. You derailed me. This was a great conversation, guys.

I enjoyed it. I don't know what the price is right now. It doesn't really matter. It doesn't.

But I'm gonna look it up.


Ready for the block clock to flip. One set. We're still over 30 k.


If I'm correct,

this is, like, the baby steps of an early insane bull market, and I look forward to

running it with all you guys. Yep.

There's gonna be a lot of craziness. I hope you guys don't hold me

to the things I say at the top.

When the caps come out, you have about 3 months,

to make prudent financial decisions

before BlackRock rugs us.

But, yeah, I'm I'm very excited for the park in a bull market. We've been building it out in a bear market, and,

I think vibes are high. I'm very excited for a lightning summon. I'm very excited for Nostril.

All of our links are bitcoinpark.com.

Come to a meetup. Move to Nashville.

Yes, sir. I like to wrap it up with final thoughts.

We'll start with Josh, and then we'll go down the line. Josh, final thoughts?


Number 1, thanks for having me on. It's an honor. 1st of many. 1st of many. That'd be good. Get this first one under the belt. Thanks, brother.

There is nothing greater than than community and doing life together in that context, and Bitcoin Park is a place for people to do that, like minded people. And a lot of these common threads, some money,

resetting the food. All the things that, we we hold dearly here in this community


are spoken of here in this place, and it's great to do life with those people. So I'm just grateful to be here, serving in the role that I can with amongst friends. I mean, I get to come and see Sean and Randy every day, Kim, my wife. You wake up next to her? I do wake up next to her. Yeah. Regardless of the park. Park. And I'm glad when she comes to the Forever. Yes. And then when she comes to the park, I'm like, this is a real treat. I'm glad you're here. So,

yeah. I mean, that that is it. We are relational

Bitcoin Park allows me to, have a,

an environment to, do life with others. And so thank you for your vision. I appreciate that, you and Rod. Appreciate you, brother. Yeah. Cheers. Sean, final thoughts. Yeah. Hard to add a whole lot to that. I mean, I think as what Rod says, he's an in person maximalist.


Yeah. Fuck Zoom. That's what's fuck Zoom. Yeah. I mean, that's the theme. And, you know, just to echo what we've talked about today, find your tribe, and

this to me is the most meaningful tribe that I have found in my


more than a few years.

I'm bullish.

Cheers to that. Thank you, Sean. Randy, final thoughts.


Best thing I can tell

anyone out there, if you haven't been to a Bitcoin meetup,

do it.

It will change the way you look at things.

Obviously, I go by Ireland for over 20 years.

It's not like that anymore.

And it took a meetup to open me up

and meet new people and

make relationships


matter, and that I could wake up in the morning and look forward to. So,

yeah, stay humble, stack stats,

and make some relationships.


even if there's not a meetup near you,

you can create one.

All you need to do is find a bar

and have a drink

and put a message up on meetup.com.

Just do it. It will change your life. That's best I could say. But thank you, Odell, for having me on.


Cheers to that, Randy. Appreciate you. Kim, final thoughts.


Well, there's not really much more to say. I saved the best for last. That's

okay. You know?

It's very kind.

It still comes back to community just like these guys have said.

My handle will always be don't grow weary, and that's intentional.

Don't grow weary in anything that you are setting out to do,

whether that is your spiritual life, whether that is relationships,

whatever it may be. If you would ask Josh and I if we would be here

sitting with Matt Odell doing a podcast,

raising our families,


a child.

I mean, all the things. We literally moved here and a month later, we're having a baby. I wouldn't have chosen to leave my community back where we were. Wouldn't have chosen this life, but

we just

we we listened to what was what we were supposed to do. And we got here

and we chose the hard path

and the path that's unknown. So and whatever you choose, don't grow weary in it.

Find your people. And don't move to Nashville if

you're from a cheap area. That's just stupid. Really?


No. Well, I come from New York. It's cheap as fuck here. Yeah. Well, I'm just a cold South Carolina girl. I left Atlanta to find cheap. Different different perspective. Yeah. We came from one of the poorest states in the country. So Poor state. It's I mean, I'm not encouraging people to move here from Austin, but if you live in Austin, it's significantly cheaper. Well, Austin,


yeah, it's significantly cheaper, and we have a whole lot less homeless people.


Yeah. Not a competition. Not a competition. Consider. I love my Austin people


Yeah. Because I enjoy going to Austin and seeing my Austin people, so don't leave. But It's way cheaper than New York. Way cheaper than New York. Like,


come on, Harry. Win, Harry. That's funny. You think of it as an expensive city. I think of it as a super cheap city. I'm from South Carolina. I'm part of the reason the prices are going up here. Yeah. We are the problem. But at the same time, no. Stick with your community. You've built community.


Grow with them.


Awesome. Well, I'm excited to be on the path with you,

Kim, and,

it's been a pleasure it's been a pleasure meeting all of you.

I think I met all of you here in Nashville.

What a journey. What a journey. Strong community.

Vibes are

high. 4 people,

all first dispatch.

We're gonna have many more dispatches with this crew.


groups, not all the same together at the same time, probably. Maybe. Who knows? We'll find out.

I don't know when my next dispatch is gonna be.

Consider coming to the Lightning Summit. If you don't come for the Lightning Summit, that's July 13th July 14th. And then we have our bid devs on July


and then our open house social on July 12th. So we have, like, a full week of of great Bitcoin events.

If you don't come, there's so many good people coming in that I'm gonna overload you guys with, like, 5 dispatches that week.

But that is in how many days? 22 days, I think.

Yeah. Something like that. I love that everyone else is like, I'm not gonna answer that, but Kim's like, I probably know.

Yeah. I look great at you. Quick math. It's


3 weeks. It's our due date. I'm 3 weeks away


from today. There you go. Thank you. Very exciting.

But, yeah, there'll probably be a dispatch before then,

but who knows? We'll see.

I'll, I'll update you guys on Noster, on Twitter, on Matrix.

Or if you subscribe on YouTube or Twitch, you'll get notified when we go live,

or in the podcast apps, you'll you'll get notified when it gets uploaded. But I'm I'm definitely gonna overwhelm you guys with a lot of dispatches

that week. I think that's gonna be my strategy. We have

40 plus free events at the park. And as people come in and as there's good conversations to be had,

I'm just gonna overwhelm you guys with a lot of dispatches in a row, and then you can listen at your leisure if you don't wanna join us in the live show.


that's gonna be the strategy because I'm not a podcaster. I'm a Bitcoiner,

and, I just do this because it's fucking fun. So thank you guys for joining. Thank you. Huge, huge shout out to our guests, Josh, Sean, Randy, Kim.

And, I love you freaks.

And as always, stay humble, Stack Sats.