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Dec. 31, 2019

End the Draft; CALL TO ACTION for a #CultureOfConscience w/ Bill Gavin & Maria Santelli

End the Draft; CALL TO ACTION for a #CultureOfConscience w/ Bill Gavin & Maria Santelli

The Center on Conscience & War ask us to make points by end of 2019 --Dec 31st, 11:59PM -- to the Congressional commission evaluating the Selective Service Draft Registration. Find out about this rare opportunity and make the most of it to protect life, peace, & freedoms of conscience & religion. Listen. Learn. Contact the commission!

The Center on Conscience & War's Maria Santelli & Bill Gavin show the Selective Service  registration to be an outdated, inefficient, inadequate $25M-a-year system to muster troops violates. Plus it violates the rights to freedom of conscience & religion with extra-judicial, unconstitutional penalties without due process. 
We discuss the above and our nation's inconsistent policies and court rulings on freedom of conscience and religion as they pertain to war, cake art, abortion, and conception. 
Learn how this opportunity came up.  Click Link to Act today BEFORE 2020!
Let the commission know you think:

1)     Draft registration should be ended for everyone, not extended to women;

2)     All criminal, civil, federal and state penalties for failure to register must be ended and overturned to protect rights to freedom of conscience & religion for those currently living under these penalties;

3)     National service should remain voluntary. Compulsory service, whether civilian or military, is in conflict with the principles of a democratic republic and free society;

4) IF the draft registration is not ended, provide a check box or mechanism to document Conscientious Objection to combat or military participation to protect rights of freedom of religion and conscience while satisfying requirements and avoiding  extra-judicial civil, federal and state penalties.
Comment Form for National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service 
Center on Conscience & War (CCW) 
Coalition Summary and Points for Ending Draft Registration
Commission email: national.commission.on.service.info@mail.mil
Extra-Judical Penalties that Violate Rights to Religion & Conscience by State
CCW Links Related to Draft & Selective Service
Yes, we know there's a House Bill. There's time for that in 2020. 

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About Maria Santelli
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Free Counseling & Help Applying for Military Conscientious Objection
or call 1-800-379-2679

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