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Unmasking Militarism Episodes

Podcast conversations to change our public conversations about war & foreign policy into honest conversations about realistic national security & global peace.

Militarism is the threat or use of military force for political or economic advantages. It has much in common with aggravated robbery and terrorism. Aggravated robbery is the threat or use of a weapon for theft. Terrorism is the threat or use of violence for political purposes.

Think our nation doesn't use militarism?
Keep an open mind, stay curious, & look at the evidence.

Militarism contradicts what we think we know from textbooks and mainstream news.
Acts of militarism are dishonest, rampant, and masked behind the noble-sounding reasons of defense, human rights, or democracy.

Thousands of veterans --like me -- did NOT want to believe militarism was ever U.S. policy. We've become veterans for peace because compelling, overwhelming, evidence proves that militarism is a norm for our and other nations.

Listen, learn, ask questions, click on show note links, look into it, and decide for yourself.

If large numbers of veterans arrived at this conclusion, isn't it worth a serious look?
Reclaim Armistice Day with David Swanson #UnmaskMilitarism
Unmasking Militarism

Reclaim Armistice Day with David Swanson #UnmaskMilitarism

Nov. 11, 2019

David Swanson joins Thad to #UnmaskMilitarism of World War I, discuss the largest most effective peace movement in the USA, and why both World Beyond War & Veterans for Peace want to Reclaim Armistice Day!