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June 28, 2022

Black Conservatives: Why we’re not an Oxymoron

“The View”, as a television show, meant to entertain its viewers and provide news and information, is an oxymoron. The ladies on “The View” are morons. As you may recall one of the ladies of this show, said the term black conservatives is an oxymoron. In plain English she’s saying these are two terms that don’t go together. This is the rhetoric causing blacks to leave the liberal left at an alarming rate. It gets old when certain groups of people feel they can tell you whether you exist.


The purpose of this essay is to explain to you why I believe black Americans are and for the most part have always had a conservative mind set. Let me start by saying I am speaking about a conservative mindset not a Republican mindset. I am not enamored with the republican party, but they support the conservative values that I believe in more so than the democrat party.  As always, I’m not trying to change your mind, I’m just asking you to think for yourself.



What does conservative mean? The dictionary defines conservative as a person who is disposed to preserving existing conditions, principles, actions, habits, political policies, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and limit change. I would say a conservative person is someone who supports and believes in the preservation of faith, family, and freedom. A conservative knows changes are inevitable and necessary and supports change if it preserves our foundational values.


There are more conservative black Americans out there than you might want to believe. Many remain under cover because shows like “The View” make it clear it’s not cool for a black American to be conservative. Many black conservatives come out and take the heat from everyone including blacks. We are called niggers, bed wenches, bootlickers, white supremacist, house niggars, sell-outs, Uncle Tom’s, coons, and more. These terms are allowed to be said by white and blacks alike if they are attempting to move the black conservative back to being a liberal democrat.


Which party is the one that’s racist again?


Blacks are leaving the democrat party in droves, despite the name calling we get from family and friends. One thing you won’t see are black conservatives transitioning to the democrat party.


Over the past few weeks, I have interviewed several black Americans running as conservatives for public office. The list of blacks who are running for public office is growing. In addition to the three people, I interviewed (Jennifer-Ruth Green, Joe E. Collins III, and Rayla Campbell) the list of black conservatives running for public office is long.

Here are the names of just a few who have put themselves out there: Austin Chenge and James Craig running for governor of Michigan, Anthony Thornton for Lt.  Governor in New Mexico, Brian Hawkins for Congress in California, Peggy Hubbard for the Senate seat in Illinois, and Jeremy Hunt who recently lost his bid for a seat in Congress in Georgia ,as well as Kathy Barnette who lost her bid for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania. I haven’t even named conservative black Americans who already are in political positions or positions of influence such as the Lt. Governor for Virginia, Winsome Sears, Justice Clarence Thomas, a member of the Supreme Court, and Lt. Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson.  Yet the mainstream media keeps this news under wraps and treats these great Americans as oxymorons because they are black conservatives.  Why would they want to share that black Americans have a different perspective on many issues and we are not a monolithic group of voters. On certain social media platforms there are many blacks of many different backgrounds who are conservative and some who identify as libertarian.


The one positive thing Joe Biden has done is make more people of every race at least investigate the conservative ideology found in the republican party, if not outright join the party. Many conservative blacks now freely speak about the issues because, everyone is struggling under the failures of this current administration. Before you start with a comment that starts with Trump, let me ask you why, after two years, you still can’t keep his name out of your mouth.


Liberals continue to overlook the warts on the ideas and concepts they support. It’s impossible to debate them without being called names. The inability for liberals and conservatives to debate the issues continues to be a problem. Both sides focus on name calling and character flaws verses addressing the issues and coming up with workable solutions. We the people need to fix this.  The current president and vice-president make fools of themselves daily but at the end of the day it’s their policies and ideologies that are destroying this nation. We should be discussing why these policies need to change and provide solutions instead of making fun of the both of them.



I’m going to discuss faith, family, and freedom, three areas of strength among black people. These are not the only reasons I believe black people are conservative, but I believe if we start here, we can begin to see that the democrat party does not support the interest of black Americans. Once we understand that, we can begin to talk about issues and work towards real solutions.


One of my favorite Bible verses is Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Consider the struggles black Americans have had and the power in this verse can’t help but jump out and grab you.  Black Americans historically have gone through a lot and much of their leadership and sense of direction has come from the church. Blacks, regardless of their religious affiliation believe in God. Church can be an all-day thing for some black families on Sunday. Black people are quick to thank and praise Jesus when He has been good to them, and they are quick to call on the name of Jesus in times of struggle. Black Americans have lived a life of walking by faith and not by sight. Black Americans, as a group, have continued to trust in the Lord with all their heart and lean not on their own understanding. They have always acknowledged His ways and allowed Him to direct their path.


Unfortunately, the democrat party, through the church and its leaders, have done a good job of replacing God with government. No prayer in school. You can talk about being gay or transgender in schools but do not speak about the Word of God. Don’t kneel to pray before or after a school sporting event, but feel free to kneel if you are protesting. The government said trust in us, we’ll feed you, protect you, educate you, if you continue to keep us in power. Don’t leave us or forsake us. Government promises to be the god that can lead black Americans to the promised land. With the help of government, you shall overcome some day…




How much longer will you wander in the desert before you come back to Jesus?

Renew your faith, remove the scales from your eyes and walk in the light of Jesus.

We need to get back to the strong faith our parents and grandparents had.

We need to study, not just read, the Word of God.

We need to be the church not just attend church.

We need fathers who will lead their homes, not leave their homes.

We need mothers who will raise up strong boys and girls to stand firm against the evils of this world.

We need families that will teach their children that weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning.  

We need people in every community to work to keep families together and strong and help them understand that although I maybe going through somethings I will persevere. If you lean on your faith and trust in God, your spirit will show you the true conservative values already in your life. Many of the freedoms we all have today are because of men and women who prayed and walked by faith and not by sight. Our freedoms came from family members who said I may not make it to the promised land, but I’m going to set the foundation upon which you and yours can get there, for my eyes have seen the glory, of the coming of the Lord.


Families. “…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15. Something happened to the black family, and it wasn’t good. The black American family used to be intact, even going back to the days of slavery. Black people married and when they were finally set free, many spent a great part of their lives looking for family members. In the 1950 and 1960’s the black family was strong. Now the term black family is an oxymoron. There are more single mothers raising kids who have different fathers. The government made it “profitable” to become single moms. Men were kicked out of the home. Government became the daddy to the children and provider to the moms. The government figured out that by removing the head of the family, the family would be lost. They would lose their faith and they would lose their way. Black men are buying into the gangster/rapper life, ending up in prison or dead. No one wants to work to achieve success, and those that do are seen as sell outs. All families are strong, but the black family has always been seen as a unit of strength, which is why work continues to be done to tear it apart.  In the late ‘80’s Bill Cosby and others made a strong effort to show black Americans as strong normal families. He created a television show with a father who was a doctor and a mother who was a lawyer.  In the show there were children who loved and respected their parents and went to school. Now our airways are filled with shows that poison the minds of children and parents. Blacks are portrayed as only being able to play sports or go into the music industry. We’re gangbangers with our pants hanging below our ass.


It’s embarrassing.

We’ve regressed as families.


This must stop.


Just as with our faith we need to rebuild the family and realize that conservative ideals and values are not what is tearing the family apart. Again, conservative values want to keep the family together. Conservative values say if you live life a certain way abortion won’t be a subject of any conversation you have. If you have gone astray, you’ll know that abortions are not birth control. We need to protect all families because these are the small units that grow to become new units. Soon these units are growing on the firm foundation of love and happiness found in a strong loving family. Knowing this I can’t understand how with good conscience blacks can support the democrat party that supports Planned Parenthood, an organization started with the purpose of exterminating the black race. To continue to describe Planned Parenthood as an organization that provides healthcare for women is a lie. They may provide some health services for women, but their primary purpose is to abort babies. Planned Parenthood operations are mostly found in minority or underprivileged neighborhoods. Abortions are the number one killer of black Americans. If they were giving out various birth control methods (which are very accessible and effective) the abortion rate amount minorities would be lower. The unbelievable response to the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v Wade is ridiculous.


Some will read these words and think of bad or dysfunctional families, something we’re all apart of one way or another. If your thoughts go in this direction, then let me direct you to the words above about faith. Black Americans have and will always be about strong families and our heartfelt values and love for family are based in conservatism, for again we need to look to God for guidance and not the government. Conservative values are faith based not government based.


When you trust in God, and work to build and support a strong family you are free. We live in a nation that gives us the freedom to worship how and when we choose. We are free to speak, love, and live the life we want. There were many black men and women who fought for the freedoms you and I now have. They fought for these freedoms never having the ability to enjoy them; but they fought any way, believing (faith) that because of their fight, you and I would be able to be free. I think of those who fought in the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War. I think of the Tuskegee Airmen who fought the enemy in the air and then came home to fight the enemy of racism.


Many who lost their lives learning to read and write would be ashamed of many of us who in 2022 won’t learn to read or write.

Many who died in wars for freedom and then had no freedom at home would be sickened by how many blacks walk around unwilling to fight for this country and defend the constitution. There were many who, despite the struggles of their day, kept on keeping on. They would be embarrassed to see how we wallow in self-pity looking to the government for help instead of looking to God, instead of getting off our lazy ass and making something happen, if not for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren.


Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36. Freedom is God given, a conservative point of view. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator , with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty (freedom) and the pursuit of happiness.” Liberals like to hand out freedom, with condition. Free money, free food, free clothes, free housing if you continue to keep me as you lord and savior.

But our country was founded on liberty and is a sweet land of liberty. Land where my fathers died, land where the pilgrims’ pride from every mountain LET FREEDOM RING. Long may our land be bright, with freedoms holy light. Protect us by thy might Great God our King!

No one can take your freedom away; you must give it away. Freedom is a core value of black Americans and of those with conservative values.  For a large part of our American history, black Americans could not enjoy physical freedom, but they did enjoy spiritual freedom. The Bible speaks of Paul and Silas imprisoned after being beaten in the Book of Acts 16: 20-34. After being shackled, Paul and Silas began to pray and sing hymns to God and the other prisoners listened. I can be beaten and imprisoned, even killed but I will always be free; free to praise my Lord. If you kill me, I will be with my Lord and indeed free from you.


Faith: the foundation we build our family and freedoms upon.

Families: those small units where faith is developed and passed on creating a group who love God and their country.

Freedom: the ability to live life in a manner that honors God and your family. The desire to preserve freedom and pass that inward desire on to your family. You can’t give me freedom and you can’t take it away for it was given to me by God.  


Black Americans believe in God but have given their lives over to the government. When we as American, regardless of race, get back to the founding principles of our faith and discover that no one can take away from us what God has given to us, we will embrace conservatism and return this country to being the greatest nation on earth. We will become involved in making and keeping America great. We will clearly see the differences between the democrat party and the conservative republican party.


Being a black conservate should not be hard when you consider the points of this essay. Many people try to make it hard, and you must ask yourself why. Why do people become so unhinged when they discover a black man or woman is conservative. Why does the conversation only revolve around the person and not the issues of the day?

Here’s a thought: continue to watch “The View” but watch it and blend it with the words of this essay. Go back to the words of Joe Biden telling you that if you don’t vote for him then you aren’t black. Review the accomplishment of Black Lives Matter, an organization that wants to dismantle the black nuclear family. Look at the government as it wants to control more and more of your life.


What will happen next, is you will either continue to live the life of a lie, believing everything the liberals say, supporting them, and their rhetoric or the scales will fall from your eyes, and you will see the light and return to your God given conservative values.