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Sept. 9, 2022

America is the Titanic

America is the Titanic
For some reason, the story of the Titanic is fascinating to me. It's tragic, yes, but the imagery and the many stories of being on that vessel, cruising across the Atlantic Ocean on a ship deemed to  be unsinkable are breathtaking. She was a large and beautiful ship and the owners and builders had plans for multiple transAtlantic voyages.
So why did this magnificent vessel only have one voyage that landed it at the bottom of the ocean? Some say, arrogance played a role, hubris as it were. Some believe the lack of attention to details and perhaps the overall belief that no matter what, even crashing into an iceberg, was no match for the mighty Titanic. Yet there she is at the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea....
After crashing into the iceberg, the captain and the crew went about business as usual until the business was no longer usual and became critical. Slowly figuring out they were not reacting correctly to what was quickly becoming an unrepairable crisis, the captain and crew began seeing that the systems they thought were in place to save them and their vessel were not there.For instance there were not enough lifeboats or lifejackets and since they had not properly prepared for something they thought would never happen, loading the lifeboats created problems they were not prepared for. Some lifeboats left the ship half empty. Meanwhile to distract the passengers from what was inevitable, the band played music on the deck as the Titanic tipped, lurched, cracked, split and sank into the ice cold waters of the ocean. 
Writing this reminds me of a place I love; America. All of our institutions: our military, our military academies, our schools, our government have all crashed into the iceberg of liberal progressive politics. They are being sunk by the chilling waters of  cancel culture, political correctness, career politicians, misinformation, wokeism, mainstream media, open borders, the highest inflation in decades, high crime, international tremoil, the push for electric cars in states that have never been able to manage their power grid, diversity policies that do not recognize diversity of thought, and climate control madness. We saw the collision coming and thought we were prepared. We weren't. We thought our politicians had our backs. They don't. We thought the Constitution would rule the day. We found out that the liberal left is working harder to destroy our Constitution than we are working to keep our Constitution. The media is playing "tunes that  distract us" as we wander around the deck wondering what to do next. We are looking for a savior when the Constitution clearly states "we the people" are our own savior. Many want to bail and jump off the good ship, many think everything is okay, and many are listening to the "band", enchanted by the hypnotic melodies (news stories) they hear.
Meanwhile, our captain is wandering on the bridge barking out orders that are sailing this "ship" in the wrong direction. Our captain tells us help is on the way and the ship isn't sinking. He calls our enemies for help and sends billions of our tax dollars to other countries (ships) to keep them afloat while we take on more water. He says things would be better if it weren't for those pesky ULTRA MAGA, semi-fascist on this ship. He says he understands our pain, so while we sink, let me get those who didn't go to college or have already paid their college loans, to pay your loans. It's the least he can do before the ship disappears into the cold waters of the Atlantic. 
America is the new Titanic, slowly sinking under the crashing waves of progressive liberal policies enacted mostly by executive edict. As Americans, we must unite against what is becoming a tyrannical government. As Americans we must unite to save those things that have made this country great.  As Americans, we must vote out those who support the direction this "ship" is headed.
Unlike the Titanic, America will not sink to the bottom of the ocean but without the citizens of this country waking up and smelling what Biden and his crew are cooking, the ability to repair the damage done will become more impossible than it already seems. As Americans, we have a lot of work to do. The work doesn't start in November, it starts NOW. 
Speak truth whenever you can about the damage that is being done to our nation. Our forefathers are counting on us, the American people, to use the rights we were given by God to return this nation to glory. Don't be deceived by the media both conservative and liberal. Think for yourself and be sure to get out and vote, specifically in your local elections. It's not too late to patch the gapping hole in this sinking ship. Do the work and let's make sure we rid ourselves of this destructive tyrannical government once and for all.