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June 17, 2022


My favorite sport is football, but many times watching a game can be disheartening. Many NFL coaches abandon the game plan they spent all week developing after the first few plays don’t seem to work. This leaves fans and commentators wondering why they didn’t give the game plan more of a chance.


Our current president is the opposite of these NFL coaches. Two years into his disastrous term, he is sticking to his ultra-progressive, country killing game plan. This game plan has given him some of the lowest approval rating ever. According to the latest Morning Consult/Politico survey, conducted June 4-5, 2022, 58% of voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance and 39% approve. This marks the lowest approval ratings and highest disapproval rating in 62 weekly surveys conducted since he took office in January 2021.


If we compare the Biden administration to a baseball team, the manger would be going to the bullpen looking at inserting a relief pitcher into the game. Unfortunately, our relief pitcher is no better than the starting pitcher. As of June 7, 2022, 41% of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Vice President Kamala Harris and 52% had an unfavorable opinion.


So, these observations bring me to the meat of this essay; who the hell are the 39% of Americans who approve of the job Joe Biden is doing? Are we sure they live in America?


It’s apparent that most of those who approve of the job Biden is doing are glad he has not abandoned the New Green Deal game plan. The push to “just buy an electric vehicle (EV)”, is nonsensical. There is no clear plan on how we will charge all these EV’s. There has not been much thought on how to dispose of old batteries. There has been no discussion about how the mining for lithium destroys the earth and how fossil fuels provide the “power” needed to charge an electric vehicle. This administration has not thought about transportation of people and goods by land, sea, or air. Have you seen any electric powered cargo ships, airplanes, or 18 wheelers?  Even though every indication is that staying on the New Green Deal path means huge losses for the Democrat party in 2022, they are sticking to the game plan.


If you approve of the job Joe Biden is doing, you subscribe to the ideal of “Build Back Better.” With the stock market hitting new lows every day and interest rate increasing almost monthly, you approve of a plan that is breaking the backs of Americans.  Here’s a short list of the other things you approve of.


Record inflation, which is almost at 9%. Wages are not keeping up with inflation and your boss has no intention of giving you a 12-15% pay increase to get you ahead of this disaster.

High gas prices. This administration can try to blame this on Putin, and the oil companies but the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of this administration that vowed to kill the fossil fuel industry and wean the American public off the tit of fossil fuel. They want us to suck on the tit of electric energy. Unfortunately, there are limited nipples to suck from and if you get to pull up to a nice full breast, be sure you have your wallet out, cause it’s going to be expensive. Gas prices were going up well before Putin invaded Ukraine and Biden made it clear this is the direction, he wants this country to go. This hike in gas prices is hurting truckers who deliver goods across this nation. With the cost of diesel nearing $6-7 per gallon, filling stations are running low and trucking companies are going out of business because they aren’t making money delivering goods across this country.

I find it interesting that liberals say Biden doesn’t control the price of gas but believe him when he says that Putin is the reason gas prices are high.


As a member of the 39% who approve of the job Biden is doing, are you with me so far?


Prices in the grocery store are sky rocketing. Shelves are empty. Products like meat are being reduced just so the store can sell the products at a loss verses throwing them out.

If you approve of the job the Biden administration is doing you are saying you approve of the open southern boarders. The 41 % of you who believe Harris is doing a good job approve of her not visiting the southern boarders and basically doing nothing concerning the boarders, a job that was allegedly assigned to her. You approve of the human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking and any other sort of illegal trafficking going on at the southern boarders. You approve of illegal immigrants being dropped off in your city or my city in the dark of night.


You approve of the high crime in many major cities and the move to defund the police although you want to blame the crime on COVID lockdowns.

You approve of diversity unless the diversity is a black conservative sharing his or her views on an issue. Then you resort to your racist ways.

You support protecting government officials unless they are conservative, and you prefer protecting these government officials more than you want to protect the government schools our kids attend.

You support lockdowns and taking more and more COVID shots and booster shots for the greater good.

You approve of the government’s goal to take away our constitutional right to bear arms, a right given to us to allow us to protect ourselves from our government.

You approve of sending arms to Ukraine, a country, who’s citizens didn’t have any weapons to protect themselves against their government or an invasion from Russia.

You support sending billions of our tax dollars out of this country, verses using that money to help the people in this country.

You support giving away more of our freedoms and letting the government control our lives.

You support using abortion as a method of birth control when birth control is abundantly available and close to 99% effective. 

You approve of taking young children to drag queen shows so you can tell all your friends how progressive you are.

You support transgender men breaking records and taking first place in women’s sports.

You support a man being selected as woman of the year.

You approve of a teacher being able to share their sexual orientation with young children and if a child tells a teacher, they are “gender confused” the teacher, without parental consent, should be able to directly control that aspect of the child’s life.

You approve of Black Lives Matter even though they have demonstrated to you time and time again that black lives really don’t matter. As this organization gets rich off your donations and cooperate donors, have you seen BLM protesting the deaths of black Americans who die daily in the inner cities? 

You support the suppression of free speech. You support anything any coach, sports super-star or celebrity says, even when it’s; bullshit, but you’re ready to cancel a coach, player, or celebrity if he or she dare speak words that don’t line up with your ideology.

You support the idea that blacks are too stupid to get ID so they can vote. You believe black Americans don’t own guns. But remember if you want the republicans to get on board with changing the gun laws, then start selling guns to black people. Words of wisdom from Joy Behar and “The View”.


Those of you in that 39% who believe Joe Biden is doing a good job are delusional.


You’re supporting a man who spends more time in Delaware than he does in DC. You support a man who goes on a late-night talk show (way past his bedtime) and watch him ramble incoherently. You support a president who can barely speak without a teleprompter and avoids answering question from anyone at all costs. You support a man who has been in politics for over 47 years and has done nothing. You approve of a man who has clearly, throughout his political career, made racist statements, to include “if you don’t vote for me then you ain’t black.”  You approve of an administration that refuses to come clean regarding his son, Hunter Biden.


You who make up the 39% are just happy Trump is not in office, but two years into the Biden administration, the 39% can’t keep Trump’s name out of their mouths.


This is not the America I want to live in. Fortunately, we the people, are out here. We can see through the smoke and mirrors this administration, and the government-controlled media are using to divert our attention. We see the lies and deception and call them out every day. This country will get on the right track in November and the message delivered will be clear: try as you might, if you continue to come for our freedoms, you will get a battle and at the end, if you win, you’ll have to pry the Constitution and our guns from our cold dead hand….


Any NFL head coach who only wins 6 or 7 of the 17 games (39%) on the schedule will be terminated. We need a new head coach, and we need to change the game plan now.

39% of you disapprove of this message.