July 31, 2023

"Work-Life Wave" with Chris Flores

"Work-Life Wave" with Chris Flores, ATC

In this episode of The cATalyzing Podcast, we present the audio from a presentation Chris Flores, ATC gave to an audience of Athletic Trainers about what he calls "Work-Life Wave". While the audience is ATs, his stories and principles apply to healthcare team members across all professional settings. Many people talk about work-life balance however Chris does not believe there is a perfect balance in life - there are waves that go up and down. In this talk Chris teaches strategies and techniques to maneuver these waves towards helping you achieve personal and career success.

Chris's points of focus:

1. Teach people how to manage work, life and success

2. Teach people how to use the Wealth Wave to find balance in their life

3. Show the importance of creating structure for better time management.

You can find a copy of Chris's Flo-ospohy Daily Planner here:

Contact: Flofitness@gmail.com | @Flo_Fitness across social media

Chris Flores, ATC aka “FLO” author of “Build Your Legacy” is a father, entrepreneur, professor, and personal coach. He has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. He’s driven by a passion and love for working with people and seeing the changes in their lives. Chris attended Kean University for his B.S. in Athletic Training. He was previously the head Athletic Trainer at Westfield High School in New Jersey for 10 years, and is returning to this role full time in the fall of 2023. He is the owner of a personal training studio called Flo Fitness. Chris is an adjunct professor at Kean University where he teaches strength fitness, personal fitness and animal flow. He is also a Master Instructor for the company Animal Flow and teaches movement-based training for people around the globe. All these jobs and positions helped him learn about people. When he became a father, he pulled from all his life experiences to write the book “Build Your Legacy”. It is a guide and blueprint for his children as well as for others to help teach them how to navigate life and build their own legacies.


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