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Casting Views

Casting Views

A podcast hosted by an uncle and nephew who discuss random topics about anything and everything!

Recent Episodes

with Dennis Mallen!

Sept. 25, 2022

We are back - and to make up for our absence we have a great guest with us! This week we are joined by Actor/Producer/Award winner Dennis Mallen and what a conversation we had with him. As an actor her has shared scenes with…

... on Superstitions!

Sept. 4, 2022

Join us this week as we tackle the subject of superstitions. Listen today to hear us discuss: What a superstition is The origin of a number of common superstitions What you need to do and say if you see a lone Magpie and muc…

... on Artificial Intelligence!

Aug. 28, 2022

In this weeks episode we tackle the subject of AI. We take a look at what it is, how its currently used and where we think it will go. Will it ultimately continue to assist humanity, or seek to destroy it! Join us as we talk…

...on people who took a chance!

Aug. 21, 2022

This week as we take a look at people who saw a chance to do something brave, big or funny and took it. Join us as we discuss: Guy Goma who ended up live on BBC News 24 instead of his interview Two friends from Texas who saw…

... on Y2K/Millenium bug!

Aug. 14, 2022

We are joined by the awesome Shayne and Max from the Shayne and I show to discuss Y2K (or the Millenium bug). We bring you back to December 31st 1999, with predictions of all computer systems with dates potentially stopping …

...on phobias and fears!

Aug. 7, 2022

This week we take on the subject of phobias and fears. Join us as we discuss: What phobias or fears we have/had What are the most common phobias in the UK Lesser known phobias and much much more Pod Promo Check out the aweso…