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May 1, 2021

1 - Joel & Justyna - The business of creating lasting memories

1 - Joel & Justyna - The business of creating lasting memories

It is becoming increasingly rare to have a 'wow' experience as a customer. One of the last ones I can remember was our wedding photographers. When we got the photos of our engagement shoot back, I knew they were special, but that feeling continued when I noticed their professionalism and talent level at our wedding. It was great to hear how they built their business and found developed their unique style. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Joel and Justyna Bedford.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs :

·       5:25 Despite the popular narrative that success in starting a business requires jumping directly from stable job into entrepreneurship, instead starting a side business is a great way to test market demand and to see if you enjoy your new venture enough to leave your job and go ‘all in’. Joel worked for two years at an art gallery while he was doing wedding photography on weekends.


·       10:47 Why you are never “done” building your business. In the case of photography there is always something to do.


·       13:20 Why is important to look back to how you have evolved to maintain a sense of appreciation for the progress you’ve made.


·       32:30 Why it is important in a partnership to play to each other’s strengths and set each other up for success.


·       40:30 You don’t have to have a perfect business plan, but it helps to think through what success will like in terms of numbers. Have a goal and know where you’re going.


·       46:30 One of my favorite parts of the interview. Joel comes from a family of photographers. I asked him if he can see his family’s style in his work. He initially says “not really” remarking on the change from analog to digital, then realizes that his Dad’s professionalism is one of the qualities that transferred to him.


Lessons for photographers:


·       16:15 Joel and Justyna’s approach to photography. Telling the story of the day, that you can look back at and remember moments when you are 75.


·       51:50 You can’t pack in more weddings if you want to maintain your quality level so you have to find other ways to grow your business.


·       21:32 Why photography is a fantastic referral business.


·       26:10 How crazy weather makes for great photos


·       30:20 How to incorporate new style and techniques. Templates plus innovation


·       36:18 How to choose a wedding photographer


·       38:00 Photography is a mix of art and business. It helps to have a partnership where each partner has a different strength, and even better if one is good at everything!


·       48:45 Why having a genuine curiosity about the people your working with makes a huge difference in the end result.


More on my guests:

·       Website: https://joelandjustyna.com/

·       Instagram: joelandjustyna

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Their favorite Photographers:

·       Michael Beaulieu

·       Paulo Reversie