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Jan. 22, 2020

Ep 6: Purpose Discovery Is A Process That Never Ends

Ep 6: Purpose Discovery Is A Process That Never Ends

In the Issues Segment of this episode, we understand that discovering your purpose shouldn't be something you bother about because it comes in different dimensions. Our pains are struggles are also part of our purpose discovery process which never ends even when we leave this world.

A member of the community just shared a testimony of how Episode 5 where i explained why we should go with flow encouraged and resonated so much with her as she almost committed suicide last year (2019) . This was for the Reality Check Segment

In the Common Sense Rule Segment, i rant and also talk about people that have the habit of always straining their necks to see what you're doing on your phone when sitting beside you. There are also people that when you show them a picture/meme you came across while scrolling on social media, they collect the phone and continue to scroll. Sooo annoying! Lol!

If you have anything you are currently struggling with, and need my  opinion and that of the community before making a decision, please send a mail to ekeneviola@gmail.com or drop a direct message on our Instagram page @the-calm-down-podcast

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Episode 5: How To Go With The Flow

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