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March 9, 2021

Ep 44: Being sexually abused everyday since the age of 3 by my brother & father ft. Deanna Carpenter

Ep 44: Being sexually abused everyday since the age of 3 by my brother & father ft. Deanna Carpenter

The first time I listened to this story, I shed a tear or two because of how much pain Deanna had to go through all her life. I really admire her courage for choosing to rise above all these and share her story. She is indeed a survivor and I am super proud of her. This story is a must listen and you definitely need to share this with your friends and loved ones or any survivor of abuse you know. If you have any thoughts you'd love to share on how this episode made you feel, please drop a voice message through any of these links. It will be featured in a subsequent episode of this podcast. https://anchor.fm/viola-the-radio-nerd/message or www.podpage.com/calm-down-podcast

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