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Feb. 24, 2021

Ep 42: On growth, consistency and being relatable ft. Chidimma Umeh

Ep 42: On growth, consistency and being relatable ft. Chidimma Umeh

Chidimma Umeh and I had such a warm and beautiful conversation on this topic above. This is one conversation I listen to over and over again because of how encouraging and relatable it is especially as a content creator. You should definitely listen. You'll love every minute of it! Chidimma is a blogger and vlogger and she has been blogging and sharing beauty tips since 2011. She published her first YouTube makeup tutorial in 2012 and currently has over 372,000+ subscribers. A regular feature on most Nigerian blogs, Dimma's YouTube makeup tutorials have garnered millions of views. She was also nominated for the Africa social star 2020 award by American E (People's Choice Awards). Share your thoughts on this story by dropping me a voice message through any of these links: https://anchor.fm/viola-the-radio-nerd/message or www.podpage.com/calm-down-podcast it will be featured in a subsequent episode of this podcast.

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