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Sept. 2, 2020

Ep 28: Growing up with an absent father + seeking validation from people ft. Anonymous

Ep 28: Growing up with an absent father + seeking validation from people ft. Anonymous
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Fathers have very significant roles to play in the life of their children. There is a difference between a 'Father' and a 'Dad' and quite a number of men are just 'fathers' and 'providers' to their children. This episode features an Anonymous story on how having an absent father in this person's early childhood days led her to seek validation, acceptance and love from just anybody which always ended in premium tears. There is so much to learn from this beautiful story. If you love this podcast and would love to tip me any amount to support on Shukran, click on this link to support: https://useshukran.com/cr/viola%20ekene You can also support monthly by becoming a Patron of this podcast. You'll also get tons of benefits once you join any membership level. Click here to join: www.patreon.com/violaekene OR you can support using Anchor Listener support link at the end of this description note. (Scroll to see). If you'd love to share your story for the upcoming series; 'Stories Around The World' here on this podcast, click this link to download your story prompt: https://mailchi.mp/53a54f624412/thecalmdownpodcastcommunity If you prefer sending a written copy of your story, beautiful! After writing, send to ekeneviola@gmail.com as a file. It will be read in a subsequent episode of the podcast. Don't forget to drop a voice message to share your thoughts on this episode. Just click on the voice message icon to do so. Your voice message will be featured on episode 28. You can also follow this podcast on Instagram @the_calm_down_podcast, Twitter @podcastCalm and like the Facebook Page @Calm Down Podcast To connect with Viola Ekene; the host, follow on Instagram @viola_ekene and twitter @viola_ekene Do you want to go through episode show notes? Click HERE to see them. For sponsorship and advert placements, send a mail to ekeneviola@gmail.com and to work with me click HERE to see my full service list. Website: www.hiswordmybeauty.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/viola-the-radio-nerd/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/viola-the-radio-nerd/support