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Jan. 5, 2021

Women just wanna have funding

Femmebought co-founder and all-around badass Sophia Ruffolo joins us today for a personal conversation about all things we wish we knew when we started out.

As the CEO of femmebought, Sophia is empowering women to gain economic independence through entrepreneurship. In today's conversation, we cover the top 3 mistakes all entrepreneurs make, networking must-haves, and the power of facilitated masterminds (especially the ones hosted by the Femmebought community). Plus, Sophia and Erin share the story of how they were each others' very last human hug before the pandemic.

More information:

femmebought is a space for experienced women business owners who want access to a community of like-minded women, skill building, funding education, and quality networking for business growth. To learn more about Femmebought and their new visionary membership visit


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