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May 4, 2021

#58 Dave Noll : Insights from a successful TV producer

Dave is a two-time Emmy Award Winner, two-time Gracie Award Winner, and he won the coveted James Beard Award for Best Television Series: CHOPPED.

Dave is also a fiery and insightful keynote speaker whose unique look at the business world, light-up-the-room storytelling, and tangible, practical tips have thrilled (and inspired!) audiences from Los Angeles to Miami to New York.

Career Highlights:

  • Dave has created 50+ Television Series.
  • Over 3300+ Episodes.
  • In 2007, Dave co-created the legendary CHOPPED franchise.
  • Over $500,000,000 in television sales.
  • 2 Emmy Awards.
  • 2 Gracie Awards.
  • CHOPPED was inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame.