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Modern Marketing Experience

As a subscriber and one-time guest, I enjoy Christoph’s warm yet expert manner interviewing marketers of all types to share stories and lessons in an engaging and non-formulaic way. You’re a part of a modern marketing experiment.

The Info Marketers Need

Christoph understands what questions marketers and businesses have about working smarter, not just harder, when it comes to reaching and engaging their audiences. He taps into his guests’ expertise (which often is very, very deep and well-respected) and gives his listeners actionable answers to que…

Great host, topics, and guests!

Enjoyed not only being interviewed by Christoph, but also listening to other great guests and content these experts bring each episode.

Great to listen and learn

A good mix of guests and topics. Breezy conversational that is relatable and educational.

Thoughtful and Thought Provoking

Christoph does a fabulous job of curating subject matter experts, but ensures his podcast is both relatable and educational. I learn something new with each episode and, yet, feel as though I’m part of the conversation. A must-have for marketing and communication experts today!

Great podcast!

My ideal length for a podcast - 30ish minutes. Get in, have a great conversation, get on with my day! I appreciate the topics - both strategic as well as tactical. I've known Christoph for a long time and always learn something new when I listen to him.

Excellent business storytelling resource

There are a lot of so called storytelling gurus out there these days, but very few who actually do it well. Christoph is a leader in the field and his dedication to producing this fantastic show demonstrates his passion for the subject. You'll learn tons here. Highly recommend.

Soooo helpful

Thank you Christoph for being the kind of lighthouse we need! Great guests, great questions, great vibes. And all that in an easily digestible format.

Very helpful for business owners

Great podcast with a host who has a great voice. Christoph knows digital marketing and he brings on smart guests who share a lot of insight and value.

Awesome marketing podcast!

Christoph provides excellent insight in the world of content marketing. He shares his past experiences and features plenty of good guests on the show. Great podcast!

Great experience

I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris and talk about my freelance writing rates report. His questions were thoughtful, relevant to the conversation, and he offered helpful insights. I have also enjoyed listening to past episodes to learn more about marketing.

Great Podcast!

Christoph’s podcast makes listening to educational material, helpful tips and best practices for marketing and business leaders enjoyable. I recommend this podcast for all levels of experience.

Awesome show

Christoph talks to some of the best in the industry about the crucial role of storytelling in marketing. Don't miss these invaluable tips!

Essential Podcast for All Content Marketers!

Christoph takes the angle of educating the listener on content marketing best practices through storytelling while inviting thought leaders on his podcast to provide insightful and actionable advice. Every episode is a must listen!

Great resource for marketing

Christoph stays on top of the latest trends in marketing, and gets the guests that have expertise on a variety of topics. If you are looking to grow your business, Christoph's podcast is like a free course on what to do next!

Terrific podcast

Totally enjoyed talking with Christoph. Great questions which lead to actionable advice. If you want to get the most from your time with a podcast, listen to these!

Great conversation!

Cjhristoph's approach to his podcast is amazing. He's easy to collaborate with, and he throws questions at you that really drive the conversation. The information and stories he pulled out of me were compelling for his listeners. If you're a fan of brand marketing or work hard in the biz or want t…

This is awesome

Christoph dos a great job of interviewing top minds in marketing. Check this out!

full of marketing insights

I always appreciate listening to Christoph and his insights into marketing. Although I was on his show as the "expert" on sms marketing, he provided some great insights into the industry, and I actually ended up learning something from him!

Terrific resource for content creators

Christoph has the depth of insight you can only gain from years of experience - not only as a prolific content creator who’s not afraid to experiment and try whatever’s new, but as an expert in the space. Highly recommend subscribing to this podcast.

Excellent insights for content marketing

If you aren’t creating content for your audience on the platform they have chosen, you’re passing up a business opportunity to your competitors. But having bad content or digital channels without integrity can be worse than producing nothing at all. Christoph understands this balance and has pulled…

Content producers look no further

If you're looking for inside tips and tricks to supercharge your brand storytelling, you'll want to check out this podcast from Christoph Trappe. Lots of great ideas in an accessible format, great for picking up new strategies while you're on the road or between meetings.

Smart, practical conversations

These go a level deeper than a lot of the marketing podcasts I listen to. Christoph is a master of the follow up question, which is when a lot of the interesting answers come in. Definitely worth giving it a listen!

Great ideas to communicate with clients

Christoph and his guests share great ideas on how to communicate more effectively with clients. Listen and learn to become an a better writer and marketer.

Christoph is the Ultimate Business Storyteller!

Christoph knows more about content marketing and content performance than anyone in the industry. I'm so glad he's sharing his wisdom in podcast form and find highly valuable insights in every single episode. Highly recommend