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July 12, 2022

E8: How to Democratize Investing w/ Tory Reiss

E8: How to Democratize Investing w/ Tory Reiss

Tory Reiss is Co-Founder and CEO of Equi (Equi.com), Equi uses technology to unlock elite investing for most accredited investors, representing about 1 in 10 American households today. 

Equi allows most accredited investors to be able to have access to:

- Exclusive opportunities with a proven track record.
- Diversified portfolios of elite alternative investments.
- Professional risk management to deploy capital effectively.

Tory is an experienced three-time startup leader. He has scaled from a small founding team to a team of more than 40 people. Along his journey, he has strived to develop the skills that go into creating the conditions for a successful and productive team. 

As an individual contributor and Sales Leader, Tory has held everything from $1M to $89M+ quotas and have surpassed every quota he has ever been given. 

Episode timestamp:

1:06 Democratizing investor access with Equi
6:53 Finding additional return drivers for everyday investors
11:23 For experienced founders: when to start another startup?
14:06 Tory's unique way to tackle product market fit
16:02 Clarify your doubts before you start a new company
19:01 The third-time founder approach to hiring world-class talent
22:19 Building a kick-ass co-founder team as a third-time founder
24:24 How founders can deal with the daily stress
28:18 Tory's unique way to grow the team initially with contractors
29:52 Why founders should hire a recruiter early on if they are serious about growth
31:34 How much time do you spend on recruiting as a CEO
33:43 For founders: how to let values and principles drive you forward
36:28 Tory's way of growing a distributed team and maintaining high morale
38:30 'Minimum Vacation Policy' and why that matters
43:28 The next 5 years for Equi - the de factor destination for world-class alternative investments