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Donations are very much appreciated helps us to continue our mission to reach people all across the globe. Two disabled brothers with ambition to reach out to other people and give our testimony about things that we have experienced throughout our lives. This show is going to be a blessing to a lot of people. Speaking life over others to help more people understand more of life issues. Charlie Angel & Brother Mark Israel we both live in a nursing facility but thanks to the most high has blessed us with the ability to continue living our dreams. Providing a platform for us to reach out to other people is amazing! One of us is a disabled double amputee Brother Mark Israel and Charlie Angel I am a quadriplegic with my arms just like wings. We love what we do but it also cost for equipment, advertising, networking etc... So your donation will help us to continue our mission and you don't have to feel sorry for us. We are built for this by the most high. So join us as we speak life over other people and stay tuned in to our podcast. Your donation is very very special to us! We will continue to put money back into our production. You also can buy merchandise such as T-shirts etc... So sit back and enjoy your donation to this podcast and we will work hard to make it well worth it. Stay blessed you are highly favored by the most high! It's our pleasure to please you! Thanks in advance! Share like & spread the word!  https://www.SayBrotherHeySister.Com JOIN US NOW CLICK YOUR CHOICE OF DONATION BELOW...