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Sept. 4, 2021

Travelling Through Time and Space with Your Ears???

Travelling Through Time and Space with Your Ears???

We’re travelling through time and space! Join us as we explore the dynamics of sound一 how sound not only affects our memories and emotions but also connects us infinitely to the past, present, and future. This episode you’ll explore sound’s healing and therapeutic properties, travel from Portugal to Pelee Island Ontario, and glimpse into the future of electric vehicles. We’ve got podcasts, audio books, ambisonics and more all created by RTA’s talented media students.

Produced by the RTA School of Media at X University

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0:58 - 4:45 
To Avô and Avò Feature
4:46 - 11:47 
The Good the Bad and the Affective Feature
11:48 - 16:48 
Town Travellers Feature
16:49 - 18:56 
Dreaming of Venice Feature
18:57 - 31:08 
EVs OTW Feature
31:09 - 36:48 
Networks of Sound Feature
36:49 - 47:13 
Something for The Road Feature

Featured Projects
To Avô and Avò - Stephanie De Sousa (3rd yr Media Production Internship)
The Good, the Bad and the Affective - Jess Schmidt, Inga Breede and Alexis Perikleous (RTA 907  W2020)
Town Travellers - Manny Bissell (RTA 996 W2021)
Dreaming of Venice - Kezia Shipclark (RTA864 W2021)
EVs OTW - Luke Farwell (RTA 104 F2019)
Networks of Sound - Madeleine Hackborn (RTA 104 F2020)
Something for the Road - Anita Pogorzelska (CJRU 1280)

Podcast Producer and Host: Sam McNulty
Project Supervisor and Guest Host: Lori Beckstead
Artwork: Yvette Sin
Sound Design (Trailer, Opening and Sweepers): Anita Porgozelska
Opening and Closing Music: PHAS3.EXE  by Drake Sanderson
Show Notes and Transcription: Yixin (Cherry) Yang