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Sept. 6, 2021

JEEPERS! Terrifying Projects to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

JEEPERS! Terrifying Projects to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

One of the world’s deadliest assassins, supernatural hypnotisms, and terrifying experiences. Those are just a few of the projects we’ll be listening to.  This episode we’re diving into the world of all things creepy. We’ve got stories to make you squirm, true crime and radio dramas galore, all expertly crafted by RTA School of Media’s students.

Special thank you to Kevin Konarzewski, Lori Beckstead, Heather Kirby and Elizabeth Martin for suggesting these fantastic projects and emboldening the next generation of storytellers. As well, thank you to Emily Bak for giving feedback on this episode.

Produced by the RTA School of Media at X University

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1:01 - 4:55  The Well: A Ghost Story Feature
4:56 - 16:16 Femme Fatality Podcast Feature
16:17 - 32:50 Psychagogia Radio Drama Podcast Feature
32:51 - 45:25 The Appointment Radio Drama Feature
45:26 - 50:01 Firsts and Worsts Podcast Feature

Featured Projects
The Well - Haylee Thompson, Ainsley Cherry, Garrett Allardyce and Thomas Cannon (RTA 311 F2020)
A radio drama about a brother and sister who come across a haunted well.

Femme Fatality - Megan Werle (RTA 104 F2020)
A true crime podcast where women aren't just the victims but the killers. On this episode we head back in time Megan tells the story of one of the most successful serial killers of all time, but you've probably never heard of her. Guilia Tofana (aka Aqua Tofona), the slow poisoning husband killer of the 17th Century.

Psychagogia - Zoraise Ahmad (RTA 104 F2020)
A radio drama and fictional true crime conspiracy podcast. We're taken through the story of a mysterious crime, given witness accounts and clues about the death and disappearance of Cedric.

The Appointment - Heather Ngo and Kennedi Tapp-Vincent (RTA 996 W2019)
A radio drama where a  patient visits a hypnotic therapist to deal with a traumatic experience.

Firsts and Worsts - Claire Albush (RTA 104 F2019)
A podcast about first times, worst times and where they draw the line. This episode is ALL about SEX. Racy but host Claire is here for it. Along with a few guests she discusses dos and donts, advice and crazy stories. 

Podcast Producer and Host: Sam McNulty
Project Supervisor and Guest Host: Lori Beckstead
Artwork: Yvette Sin
Sound Design (Trailer, Opening and Sweepers): Anita Porgozelska
Opening and Closing Music: PHAS3.EXE  by Drake Sanderson
Show Notes and Transcription: Yixin (Cherry) Yang

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