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Sept. 5, 2021

Exploring the World of Immersive and Interactive Sound with Finlay Braithwaite, Kevin Konarzewski and the Class of RTA 864 2021

Exploring the World of Immersive and Interactive Sound with Finlay Braithwaite, Kevin Konarzewski and the Class of RTA 864 2021

Strap your headphones on because we’re exploring a new dimension of immersive and interactive sound! This episode features guest hosts Finlay Braithwaite and Kevin Konarzewski as they describe what the brand new RTA 864 (Advanced Audio Immersive and Interactive Sound) course at X University has to offer along with sharing some incredible assignments created by students. We’ll listen to surround remixes, ambisonic, immersive and interactive projects. The coolest part? ALL of these projects were created at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. No studios or fancy equipment, just good old fashioned creativity and some help from tools like Reaper, ProTools and Unity game engine.

*This episode is best listened to with headphones. For the immersive and interactive assignments we strongly encourage you to watch the videos linked in our show notes to enjoy the full experience of these assignments.

Produced by the
RTA School of Media at X University

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0:00 What is immersive and interactive sound?
4:00 About the RTA 864 course, where it came from and what you can learn

Surround Assignments
Never Learn by Julianna Romanyk
18:33 Jungle Song by Ofer Weis
23:24 Sex Bracelet by Noah Caccamo
27:59 LOST by Emily Bak

Ambisonic Assignments
What is ambisonics?
38:03 Club Bathroom by Alexa Patino
42:10 Christmas Recital by Madi Hanaka
45:31 Pet Shop by Jacob Krywetzky
48:56 WW2 Battle of Britain by Matthew Page
52:07 RAIN by Nic Muia
55:29 Bad Dream by Ethan Horbay

Immersive Assignments
Ambisonic and Immersive experiences
1:01:05 Patrick Remy-Danziger Feature
1:05:20 Jim Carrey House of Horrors by Monica Brighton
1:07:25 Rocket Launch by Kyle Damji
1:08:15 Howl’s Moving Castle by Eden Lim

Interactive Assignments
Interactive and Spatial audio in Unity game engine
1:12:32 The Disappearing Door by Noah Caccamo
1:17:56 Finding Kitty by Ethan Horbay
1:21:44 Interactive Goodie by Ben Gingerich
1:21:44 Immersive Carnival by Bayli Iorio-Wilson
1:25:27 Future of RTA864 

Podcast Producer and Host: Sam McNulty
Project Supervisor and Guest Host: Lori Beckstead
Artwork: Yvette Sin
Sound Design (Trailer, Opening and Sweepers): Anita Porgozelska
Opening and Closing Music: PHAS3.EXE  by Drake Sanderson
Show Notes and Transcription: Yixin (Cherry) Yang

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