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Sept. 2, 2021

Dynamic Unos, Duos and Trios: Hosting Teams That Will Blow You Away

Dynamic Unos, Duos and Trios: Hosting Teams That Will Blow You Away

You’ve got your podcast concept figured out, now what about your hosts? Will you go solo, or find some talented friends and/or colleagues to join you? Arguably the most important part of a podcast is having a great presenter. They’re responsible for putting your concept into action, guiding the listener through each episode and establishing a parasocial relationship with your audience. This episode we feature three podcasts with excellent host teams. Throughout the episode, we’ll break down what makes these hosts so effective, the strengths each sized team brings to their series,  and how to improve your own hosting skills.

Produced by the RTA School of Media at X University

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1:04 - 5:46  What makes a great host?
5:47  - 25:45  I’ll Have the Chicken Tenders
25:46 - 29:09  Host authenticity
29:10 - 39:21  Pressbox Chatter
39:22 - 41:43  Smart writing and understanding your market
41:44 -  1:14:02  TV Toybox
1:14:03 - 1:19:34  Giving context and having a balanced team

Featured Projects:
I’ll Have the Chicken Tenders - Megan Pierotti (RTA 996 W2021)
Not yet graduated off the kids menu? Join Megan Pierotti, an adult picky eater who’s taken it upon herself to finally get her diploma and move on up in life…to taller chairs at the adult table. Each episode Megan will try a new food and have a guest on to discover what it is that people love about it. Tune in weekly for a taste of adventurous food endeavours, laughs and stories of picky eating.

Pressbox Chatter - Samuel Bird and Ryan Castelino (Spiritlive 2020-2021)
In 10 minutes or less, longtime friends and aspiring zamboni drivers Ryan Castelino and Sam Bird deliver a lighthearted take on the week that was in the NHL. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you won’t have to go to the bathroom halfway through because we keep it short to accommodate Gen-Z’s attention span.
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TV Toybox - Ethan Geoffrey Lee, Brian Arnold and Hayley Cheng (RTA 996 W2021)
Ethan Ralph, Brian Arnold, and Hayley Cheng watched a lot of TV growing up. In fact, they shamelessly still watch kids shows from the late 90s and 2000s. Covering a new show every other Saturday, TV Toybox documents their journey to re-experience childhood joy, interviewing experts to learn more about their favourite kids shows than their lil’ brains could have ever imagined. Or can imagine. As adults.

Podcast Producer and Host: Sam McNulty
Project Supervisor and Guest Host: Lori Beckstead
Artwork: Yvette Sin
Sound Design (Trailer, Opening and Sweepers): Anita Pogorzelska
Opening and Closing Music: PHAS3.EXE  by Drake Sanderson
Show Notes and Transcription: Yixin (Cherry) Yang