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June 25, 2022

Boom in Your Face Podcast host Mary Kearney is Chatting with Shawn Raleigh aka Ghetto Politician

Boom in Your Face Podcast host Mary Kearney is Chatting with Shawn Raleigh aka Ghetto Politician

Mary Kearney is talking with Shawn Raleigh AKA Ghetto Politician he's an Artist, Activist, Community Leader, & Entrepreneur. He talks about his music, community activities, and the new release "Midnight Hour" on June 30th. Ghetto Politician is the visionary of the OMNI (One More Needed Inside) Movement where his motto is "Breaking Cycles Building Bridges" He serves as a community activist not only in his hometown of Columbus, Ga but everywhere he goes he carries his vision with him. He has partnered with several organizations across the southeast in the efforts of bringing self-awareness and consciousness to the people as a whole.

For his works, he has been awarded and recognized by multiple organizations. He is the recipient of the Community Rebound Award (Project Rebound) Community Service Award (Eco/Latino Magazine) King In The Spotlight (BPU/B.L.A.C.K. I AM AWARDS) Humanitarian Award (TNT Legacy) Mic Dangerous Visionary Award (Game Changers Media Network)

With respect to his activism, Mr. Raleigh is also a recording artist (Ghetto Politician) most noted for his single "Put Some Work On It" where he motivates and encourages listeners to keep their faith along their journey of accomplishments. He is also a writer for Game Changers' "The Conscious Culture" Magazine. He has organized and hosted many community events, and Red Carpet interviews, modeled in fashion shows and has done some acting. He believes that when God gives you a vision, it is for the benefit of others. And that it is vital to utilize every gift and platform to manifest that vision.


1. I am a Man of God with a purpose to fulfill

2. I made it through some seas but I still have   mountains to climb

3. I am responsible for my own actions

4. Attack the day don't let the day attack you

5. Put some work on it

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