Let Podpage sponsor your show!

Podpage is always looking to get exposure to new podcasters, and if you think your audience would find value in Podpage, we'd love to be one of your sponsors.

If you're looking to add sponsors to your show and think Podpage would be a good fit, you can get started without even talking to us.

As a paid subscriber, you are given a referral link, which is yourdomain.com/podpage. When someone uses that link, you get 100% of the first month's revenue from every person who signs up. So, the easiest way to start out a sponsorship relationship is just to use that! If people respond well to it, you'll build credits to get Podpage for free. You have total permission to say "This show is sponsored by Podpage" and then talk about your Podpage experience and why you recommend it. 

Once you've built up a full year of credit, reach out to us on our Slack channel and we're happy to transition the sponsorship to paid. You'll have proven that your audience responds to a sponsorship, and we'll be happy to figure out a fair sponsorship rate.

Ping us if you have any questions!