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S3:E5- From Rock Bottom to the "Gordon Ramsey" of the Addiction World with Dr. Robb Kelly

S3:E5- From Rock Bottom to the

Robb Kelly, PhD is a world-renowned addiction consultant who believes in treating the problem of addiction, not the symptoms. He has worked for many years helping addicts and alcoholics to RECOVER their lives from the disease of addiction. Based on his own experiences working with addicts and alcoholics over the last 20 years, a PhD in Psychology from Oxford University and as a recovered alcoholic himself – he is a triple threat against the disease of addiction. Dr. Kelly was the CEO of a thriving telecommunications company when the walls came crashing down on him due to alcoholism. He ended up homeless and broken on the streets of Manchester, England until he found the courage to save himself. 

Since recovering, Dr. Kelly has made it his life’s mission to assist other hopeless, chronic alcoholics and addicts. His story is inspiring and sad at times, but it stands as a testament to the power of recovery. He has lectured at many high-profile universities and hospitals about addiction and is recognized as a leading authority on addiction recovery methods that are changing lives. 

Dr. Kelly is currently the CEO of the Robb Kelly Recovery Group, an addiction recovery coaching company he created based on extensive research and behaviour studies that he conducted over the last 20 years. Dr. Kelly’s methods may seem unconventional and unorthodox leading some people to refer to him as "The Gordon Ramsay of the Addiction World" because of his direct, no-nonsense, and candid approach to treating addiction. Dr. Kelly works to "make the road of recovery less of a mystery tour."

In this episode we discuss:

  • Robb's upbringing
  • His musical background
  • His first sip of Beer
  • What he did after School
  • Where he went to College
  • His Rock Bottom Moment
  • A person he met that doesn't exist
  • Moving to the states
  • Why he wrote his book
  • What he does today
  • And more!

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