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S3:E17- A Lifelong Learner's Journey with Allan Jones

S3:E17- A Lifelong Learner's Journey with Allan Jones

About Allan:

Mr. Jones is President of Emaginos, a company dedicated to transforming K-12 Education for every child in America. He previously co-founded a company called Intelligent Education that provided virtual, online high-school courses to students across the country with faculty members from Florida to Hawaii.  He taught high school mathematics for seven years and computer courses for three.  He also ran the Computer Center for the Oxford, Massachusetts school district. Mr. Jones worked ten years in corporate research at Digital Equipment Corporation. He then worked as a senior researcher and planning consultant for the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT), where he assisted schools, districts and states with technology planning. He also spent three years as Director of Information Systems at The Westminster Schools (an outstanding independent day school in Atlanta, GA).

A career educator with a history for leadership and innovation, Allan has designed and implemented education programs that received national recognition and validation by the U.S. Department of Education. One of those programs, Project COFFEE, founded in the late 1970s, became a national model for getting high-school dropouts back into school and on a path to success.  The original program and several of its offspring are still in operation today.  His education partnering with industry resulted in a letter of recognition from President Reagan. While at Digital Equipment Corporation he advised institutions such as MIT and the National Science Foundation on developing and implementing industry/university research relationships.  He was responsible for coordinating research programs and relationships between Digital and leading universities all over the world.  His education experience ranges from the high school classroom to elementary school computer vacation camps, and includes roles in administration as director of a school district computer center, classroom math teacher, and school board member.

In the episode we discuss:

  • Allan's upbringing in Maine
  • His time in the Navy
  • Deciding between Military & Raising a Family
  • His love for Education
  • The creation of Project COFFEE
  • Being recognized as an industry leader
  • Why Emaginos?
  • And More!

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