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S3:E14- Positively Impacting the Financial World with Rob Gill

S3:E14- Positively Impacting the Financial World with Rob Gill

Robert Gill grew up in the tough, rough and tumble town of Bayonne, New Jersey. His Dad struggled working three jobs to support his Mom and four children. Although there was no shortage of love, life centered around the constant dysfunction of a lack of money. There was absolutely zero financial education which resulted in a constant fear of the unknown: money.

He have since been obsessed to provide the much-needed financial education that is so lacking in the world, so no one has to experience the pain and helplessness that his family did.

Rob has learned from experience, people don’t want just money. In over 20 years of working in the financial services space, him and his team have done over 23,000 cash flow analyses and over 10,000 financial plans. What he has learned is that the one thing that people want most is Financial Freedom.

They want the Freedom to do WHAT they want, WHEN they want, HOW they want and with WHO they want WITHOUT financial or time constraints. This is exactly what he sets out to do for each and every client.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Rob's upbringing
  • How he was as a kid
  • The sports he played
  • Who some of his mentors were.
  • Where he went to school
  • The first job after College
  • The route he went next
  • What he does today
  • And more!

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