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Erik Warfield

Outbound Virtual Sales ❖ Digital Marketing ❖ Direct-Response Copywriting

The Forgotten Trifecta for Strategic Growth Performing this hat trick, Erika Warfield gets more recurring revenue for B2B C-Suite Execs & Founders by shortening their sales cycles.

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Don Kemp

Mission & Philosophy

As an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®) designee and Financial Planner, I work as the overall Financial Advisor with my clients, stepping into the client's shoes, with my knowledge and leadership, delivering holistic financial solutions to individual clients and area companies in conjunction with a highly credentialed and experienced team of advisors. Products and services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks as well as some of the largest investment and insurance companies in the world.


  • Cash Flow Management – Assist clients in redirecting cash flow to pay off all debts, (including personal, mortgage, and business) in nine years or less, using only what they are currently spending.
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning – Work closely with Clients and their other advisors to develop and implement comprehensive financial plans including Cash Management, Risk Management, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and Tax Planning.
  • Investments – Through Cetera Advisors Network, I work with clients to develop a comprehensive investment strategy to help accomplish goals for retirement, income and legacy.
  • Insurance - I work with a number of unaffiliated A-rated insurers for life, disability, critical illness and long-term care.
  • Small Business Planning – Continuation/Exit Planning for the owners and key individuals in the under 100 Employee Market.
  • Group Employee Benefits – through unaffiliated insurers, provide employee benefits (dental, vision, disability, life, critical illness)
  • Retirement Plans – 401k, SEP, Simple IRA, Traditional IRA & Roth IRA through a number of investment providers.