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Sept. 8, 2022

S3E7: Saying YES to YOU

S3E7: Saying YES to YOU

S3E7: Saying YES to YOU

So many of our listeners and BWL community members are leaders across the domains of their life–work, family, community, and so on.  They spend so much time investing in the development of others, supporting the growth of others, and serving the needs of others.  Yet, sometimes they struggle to give this same level of care and priority to themselves.  If this resonates, this episode is for you!

Our special guest, Tanisha Chea, President of Sir Grout Franchising and Mrs.North America 2022,   shares her “spirit of YES” approach and gives listeners a peek behind the scenes of her own YES journey as a corporate leader, pageant winner, community leader, wife, and mom.  In this episode, we want to highlight the need for you to also prioritize and say YES to yourself.  YES to your interests. YES to your dreams. YES to your desires. YES to your care.

In this dynamic conversation, we explore many of the reasons that we struggle to YES to ourselves, including dealing with fear, guilt, and being disconnected to our own voice and desires. Tanisha vulnerably shares how she navigated these very obstacles to pursue her dreams.  Additionally, she shares her approach to activating her support system on the journey. Tanisha’s story encourages us to “try on” new versions of ourselves, push past fear, and take the leap to try something new and say YES to ourselves.

Tune in, and catch this inspiration to say YES to you!  

Guest Bio 

Tanisha was named President of Sir Grout Franchising in December 2021. Prior to leading Sir Grout, Tanisha was the Vice President of Global Innovation of Krispy Kreme. Tanisha and her husband also own and operate a children’s franchise concept, IDEA Lab Kids – a S.T.E.A.M Enrichment center for kids ages 4-14. With an avid love of the art and science of Marketing, Tanisha Chea has enjoyed a successful corporate career leading marketing for such companies as KFC, Taco Bell and Carrabba’s Italian Grill where she served as the Chief Marketing Officer.

Tanisha also serves as Mrs. North Carolina America 2022 and recently competed at Mrs. AMERICA where she placed in the Top 15. Tanisha champions her message, “The Spirit of YES!” as a Global Partner with Dress for Success and volunteers her time as a stylist and career coach around the globe. 

Tanisha holds both a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations and an MBA in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University. She and her husband Kosal have twin 4 year old boys, Zealand and Rhodes and reside in Charlotte, NC.


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