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May 6, 2021

EP6: Navigating Salary Negotiations

EP6: Navigating Salary Negotiations

There is probably nothing more uncomfortable than talking about money at the workplace or asking the people close to you how much they earn. Systematic racism and sexism are a significant influence when defining how much you should make at a job....

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Welcome to episode 6 of Black Woman Leading, the podcast.

Talking about money at work is uncomfortable for many people. The wage gap for Black women is well documented.  And although systemic racism and sexism is a key driver of this reality, we wanted to focus on empowerment in this episode and what is within our control when it comes to compensation and salary negotiations.

The guest expert for this episode is Yakentha Britton, the Founder of Level Career. Yakentha helps professionals land their dream jobs through resume editing, recruiting, salary negotiation, and employee relations support. 

Amongst other important points, Yakentha answers a commonly asked question: how do I negotiate compensation?

One of the most common scenarios when looking for a job is settling on a salary, and sometimes people tend to be underpaid because they don’t take the time to research. Yakentha explains the importance of investigating beforehand to support your negotiations, and she offers tips for how to do that effectively. 

Other key points discussed in this episode include how to respond when your requested salary amount is rejected, and why it’s important to take a pause before accepting a job offer to make sure it’s the right decision for you.  


Guest bio:

Yakentha Britton is the Founder ofLevel Career. She is passionate about supporting professionals that need help in advancing in their careers. With 10+ years’ experience in human resources and recruiting, Yakentha understands how to spotlight skills and accomplishments that attract top employers. She specializes in helping professionals land dream jobs through resume editing, recruiting, salary negotiation, and employee relation support. 

You can connect with Yakentha on herwebsiteInstagram, andLinkedIn.  


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