Season 2

April 19, 2023

The Licensed Professional Counselor

In Episode 33 of Beyond the Picket Fence, Sandtrice Russell LPC, CPCS aka "Tree the LPC" shares her journey from a troubled youth to a professional counselor. This Episode is probably one of my very favorite's. We dig into a …

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March 16, 2023

The "Manly" Man

Society creates pressure. We often talk to women on this show but today we get the man's point of view. Robert Pearson is the husband of a woman we interviewed last year. He asked to come on the show because …

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March 1, 2023

Goodbye Heart Month 2023-BONUS

This week on the podcast, Chelsea ponders her experience as a heart warrior mother. She chats with her kids about their experiences and continues on her healing journey. She realizes we are all a little broken and that's ok! ...

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Feb. 22, 2023

The Heart Attack that Changed Her

Welcome to Episode 31 of Beyond the Picket Fence, where we embrace the messy and go beyond the Picket Fence to find compassion and connection! Today we are joined by Hanna Noel, who has a remarkable story about her father’s …

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Feb. 8, 2023

Ep. 30 The Newly Diagnosed

Welcome to Episode 30 of Beyond the Picket Fence! On today’s episode, we are talking to a woman who was recently diagnosed with a heart condition. We will explore how she has been dealing with the diagnosis, how she has …

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Feb. 1, 2023

Episode 29 The Psychotherapist

In this season 2 premiere of Beyond the Picket Fence, Dr. Heather Browne shares her story of growing up with a mother who suffered from paranoia schizophrenia and being widowed by a man who passed away from a heart attack. …

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Jan. 19, 2023

Season 2 Trailer

I'm baaaaaaaaaack! New here? This is a taste of what this podcast can make you feel. Coming back for more? I'm so glad you're here. Either way MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Season 2 of Beyond the Picket Fence will drop Wednesday …

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