Meet your host, Chelsea Bea. (Bea as in bumble, not BE-Uhh)

She is a wife, a mother of two and...that's pretty much it. Oh, she WAS voted best personality in high school if that counts for anything?!?

Chelsea is a self diagnosed over-sharer. For many years she has prayed that she could talk less, or be quieter. With no luck, she is now stepping into her own self and loving the woman God made her to be. She has always struggled with comparing herself negatively to others. It seemed that everyone was always better, smarter, prettier, etc.. Overtime she has found a cure.

The cure is vulnerability! Lucky for her, this is one of her natural gifts. You can know Chelsea within hours. Just ask her husband who purposed after 3.5 weeks of dating her. Not only is she open with you but she is a natural interviewer. Her whole life she has been bold in asking others deep questions and because it comes from a genuine place, she has been lucky enough to have most people answer honestly. During one of these incredible conversations, Chelsea realized these stories needed to be heard!

The best way to stop comparison and judgment is to get to know someone. Truly get to know them. We come to realize that everyone struggles. Everyone is carrying something heavy. When we can see that, we find more compassion, not just for others, but for ourselves. There's no time for comparison because we need each other.

 We are so surrounded by endless feeds of perfect moments captured from a messy life. Kindness is at an all time low, loneliness is at an all time high. Heck! There is a mental health crisis going on. So Chelsea is on a mission to tear down the "white picket fence façade" one vulnerable story at a time. She's exhausted from trying to "keep it together." Let's get real and uncover what's going on...