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Trigger Warning: Physical, Sexual & Emotional Abuse, Self-Hard, Suicide Discussion - This is an unpleasant story, y'all, but it's MY story, and someone out there needs to hear it.

Welcome to the Belle, Book & Candle Podcast!

Hey y'all! Let's continue the story, and move into my adulthood. All the trauma from my childhood was catching up to me, and I ended up in the deepest, darkest mire you could imagine. It took a lot to get out, and now I intend to help others do the same.

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Thank you to my momma, dad, and husband who contributed to this episode.
My dad wrote the lyrics to the song we sing at the beginning, the whole song is at the end after the goat!
Poems are from the book, Tyranny of Hope, by Pamela Borawski
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Original Broadcast: 5.15.20