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Trigger Warning: Rape, Incest Abuse - This is an unpleasant story, y'all, but it's MY story, and someone out there needs to hear it.

This week, I begin my personal story of my life and how I was able to heal from the trauma and abuse of my past. There are tidbits of my mother's story as well, as my story and hers are very much intertwined. We'll talk about what makes a cult, as I explain what life was like growing up in the fundamentalist cult my family belonged to. This answers the question of where I came from, and what made me who I am today; a proud pagan minister and southern witch unashamed of my path and with a life's goal to facilitate healing in hurting people. The story will continue in Part 2.

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Thank you to my momma, dad, and husband who contributed to this episode.
My dad wrote the lyrics to the song we sing at the beginning, the whole song is at the end after the goat!
Poems are from the book, Tyranny of Hope, by Pamela Borawski
Cult checklist can be found here: https://cultrecovery101.com/cult-recovery-readings/checklist-of-cult-characteristics/

Original Broadcast: 5.14.20