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July 28, 2021

S1 E22: Tarot Coaching with Compassion | A Southern Dialogue with Skye Marinda

S1 E22: Tarot Coaching with Compassion | A Southern Dialogue with Skye Marinda
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Skye Marinda believes in having a compassionate and intuitive relationship with your tarot deck. In this interview, we talk about what it means to have a compassionate relationship with your deck, tarot coaching, and how it differs from using a deck to predict the future. Skye's gentle energy lends itself well to her compassionate reading style, so if you're interested in tarot, pile up and have a listen!

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My dad wrote the lyrics to my theme song, and we sing it together at the beginning.
Thanks to my husband for his contributions.
Thank you to our guest, Skye Marinda.

Original Broadcast: 7.27.21