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Oct. 8, 2021

S4 E7: Shadow Work & Witches - Emerging from the Darkness | A Southern Dialogue with Corinne Labita

S4 E7: Shadow Work & Witches - Emerging from the Darkness | A Southern Dialogue with Corinne Labita
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What does tarot & divination have to do with shadow work? Turns out, a lot! Corinne and I talk about shadow work - what it is, our experiences using shadow work for personal healing, the "gold" in the shadow, and all those nasty emotions like shame that we hide. Corinne talks about her own shadow work around money, and we talk about our experiences growing up as empathic children. It gets grittier when we talk about how the shadow relates to racism in our society and the collective shadow work being done in the world today around ancestral generational shit still hidden in so many of our shadows. We also discuss why witches should care about shadow work, and how it relates to magick. Oh yeah, Corinne also gives us a delightful pickling recipe! Y'all come on in!

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My dad wrote the lyrics to my theme song, and we sing it together at the beginning.
Thanks to my husband for his contributions.
Thank you to our guest, Corinne Labita.

Original Broadcast: 10.7.21