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Sept. 14, 2021

S4 E3: Animal Communication & Psychic Mediumship | A Southern Dialogue with Mari Cartagenova

S4 E3: Animal Communication & Psychic Mediumship | A Southern Dialogue with Mari Cartagenova

Psychic medium and animal communicator Mari Cartagenova joins us for an intriguing conversation about mediumship and animal communication! Here are some highlights from this episode:

  • Will we be connected to our animals when we die?
  • Animal communication with living or deceased pets and animals.
  • How to communicate with YOUR animals, including when you are making important decisions about them.
  • Her work finding lost & missing pets.
  • Misconceptions about mediumship
  • Connecting to spirit.

Mari Cartagenova is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and best selling Author with clients from all over the globe. She specializes in heartfelt messages from both passed loved ones and living or past animals.

When you sit with Mari you can really feel the presence of your loved one. Her connections offer specific detail and leave you feeling both at peace and uplifted at the same time. Mari has trained with the top mediums from all over the world including Tony Stockwell, John Holland, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, Thomas John and and Lauren Rainbow.

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My dad wrote the lyrics to my theme song, and we sing it together at the beginning.
Thanks to my husband for his contributions.
Thank you to our guest, Mari Cartagenova.

Original Broadcast: 9.14.21

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